Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beyond Irked

O.k. my son is in what they call VPK. It is either a state wide or county wide program for all kids who are or will be close to 5 before school starts (can't remember what month the child has to be 5 by or whatever). The parents choose whether they want it either school year or just for the summer. It is free for anyone (no matter how much or how little you make- it is for every child who will be starting kindergarten). Basically, I guess children were going to kindergarten and not knowing anything (ABC's etc.) so this is supposed to help them. It is 3 hours a day which equals 15 hours a week minus any holidays etc. I think for the school year it equals 550 hours or something. Parents can choose only 1 (school year or summer). Of course your child can be in the class longer than that if you want to pay and if there is of course availability depending on what daycare etc. you chose.

I just wanted to explain all of that first before getting into what I am irked about.

My son does the 15 hours and then I sometimes but not always pay for extra hours. Trying to not spend any unnecessary money since we are living off student loans (I went back to college because of the crappy job market here).

His class consists of 20 kids and about 85% to 90% of them are VPK. VPK hours are from 8:30 to 11:30am. At least half of the kids leave at 11:30am every day in his class.

Every holiday there is a sign up sheet for parents to bring in snacks/food for the party. There is no time (when the party starts just the date/day of the party) listed on the sign up sheet and again the majority of the kids leave early. School closes at 6pm but she wants most kids gone way before that. The sign up sheet lists that there are 20 kids (so make sure that there is enough food/snacks for 20 said kids).

Since my son has been in VPK anytime there is a party I always buy various items for the party (also when he was in full time daycare I did the same- generally would bring in at least 2 different snacks - enough of course for all the kids). Since he has been in VPK every party day I have brought in all the snacks, and have seen all the stuff laid out that the other parent's have brought in. Counters full of stuff.

It seemed like the last parties when I have picked up my son (I paid for him to stay until 2) he has told me that he didn't have the party. Which I thought was odd but ended up forgetting about.

The other day was the Vday party. My son stayed home with me on Monday and when I called and talked to the director/teacher she said oh but he is coming tomorrow for the party right? I said of course. Now my son has been staying at school until 2 or 3 every day for months now. So she knows what time he goes home.

So when I picked him up on Monday it was still dark in the classroom. Which means naptime. I could swear that when I pick him up at 1 it is dark in there (naptime) and when I pick him up at 2 (again naptime). These are 4 and 5 year olds. You mean to tell me they have naptime for at least 3 hours? Seems extreme to me. They follow a schedule so it would be the same time each day.

We get out to the car, I ask how was your party? He says we didn't have one. Then as we are driving it dawns on me that on the sign up sheet for the party it said everyone will get pizza. Which I had forgot all about. I asked him did you have pizza? He says no. Now, because of all the snacks, food and pizza listed on the sign up sheet (not too mention there when I dropped him off) what if I did not pack him a lunch? I mean in all reality why would a parent pack a lunch when they are told they will be having pizza (school bought) and all the snacks that all the parents were bringing in (for 20 students)???

I picked him up at 3pm. Lunch I am guessing is at 11 or noon each day. Wouldn't it make sense to have the party at lunch time when all the kids are there? And not when out of 20 kids only maybe 7 are there?? Why have all the parents bring in stuff if all the kids will not be able to participate in the party? Why not on the sign up sheet list what time the party is so the parents can decide whether or not to bring stuff in?

So I told him to today ask if they are going to have the party and pizza today since they did not have it yesterday. So when I pick him up today he tells me that oh they said I should have stayed yesterday.

Again, most kids leave before noon or around 2 or 3 so shouldn't the party be for all the kids especially since they are all bringing in items for the party? Or at the very least have the time listed on the sign up sheet for when the party will begin???

I would say something to his school about it but I have yelled at them countless times and I just can't get myself that worked up because it is to the point where I will blow up. I looked into so many schools and sadly this was the best I could find. He is only there until either the end of May or beginning of June so I don't want to once again try and find a different school.

So most of the parents brought in stuff that their own child didn't even get to eat. I mean you should have seen how much food there was. There was no spot left on any of the counters. And they used to have parties earlier because my son has been going there since he was 1 years old. So this was done on purpose - as in I don't want to pay for all these kids to have pizza and I don't want to deal with them eating and maybe getting hyper. Seriously, there aren't that many holiday parties a year so just deal with it or get out of the business. They also used to not be still sleeping at 3pm. It is beyond lovely outside (70's) and they never go outside unless it is very early in the morning or very late. Before I swear he would be outside the majority of the day in 90 degree weather. Or when it was really cold or partially rainy.

I wish I could change schools but again I have looked into every single school that is somewhat near me and I had massive issues with each of them. Schools here are horrible.

Don't get me wrong I trust the teachers at his school and feel that he is safe there. The other schools I looked in I could not say that about. I just don't agree with a lot of the things at his school which I am sure if the other parent's there paid more attention they wouldn't either. But again the choices are slim. And there is no way I would have him in a home daycare even a licensed one. The licensing board here does not do a good job.

Again I would not be upset if: there was a time listed of the party (parents were aware that hey, your child will probably not get to participate), if she did not make such a big deal about your child being at school that day, if she did not make such a big deal about making sure you bring something for the party.

I just think is is really wrong to get all the kids excited about a party and then have the party when 90% of the kids are not there.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Some free recipes for you.

Can you believe I have not had Girl Scout cookies in years? Quite sad. I might have to try some of these recipes.

*** It's always best to use a different email address just for freebies and not to use your main email address. You can create a new email address for free (yahoo, hotmail etc.) just for the purpose of signing up for freebies, contests etc.