Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour Tonight 8:30pm!!

No matter what time zone you are in at 8:30 vote earth by turning your lights off from 8:30 to 9:30pm. Read more about it here.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Upcoming sales worth mentioning

Here are some upcoming sales that I think are pretty good:

Cvs 03/29

Scott paper towels $5.49 limit 3
Paas egg decorating kit $1.99 with $1.99 eb (Sunday and Monday only)
Scrubbing bubbles toilet gel discs and scrubber starter or refills $2.99
Shout 22 ounce , fantastic 32 ounce, scrubbing bubbles 16 oz, windex 26 oz or 25 wipes 2 for $5 with $1 eb
Thermacare 2to3ct $5.99 with $1eb
Cvs rubbing alcohol and hydrogen perxiode 2 for $1 limit 6
Colgate total 2 for $5 with $1eb
Panteen $5.99 with $1eb
Lysol cleaning products $2.50 ea

Cvs April 5th

Cvs cotton balls b1g1 50% off
Crayola crayons b1g1 50% off
Glade air freshner 99cents
Panteen nature fusion $3.99 get $1eb
Dove soap 2pks 2 for $4
Colgate maxfresh or maxwhite $2.99 get $2eb
Basic 8pk $5.99
Puffs 99cents
Always $2.99
Buy $25 of Huggies and Johnson’s Baby Products get $10 back
Huggies $10ea
Johnsons $3 ea

April ECB Cvs

Chloraseptic Allergen Block $6ecb
Lindor Truffles $1ecb on 2

Now for Walgreens:

Walgreen’s 03/29

Kotex 2 for $6 with $1 back

Walgreen’s 04/05

$3.49 RR wyb Colgate total ($3.49 ) Free after RR
$1 RR wyb 2/$3 Betty crocker cake or brownie mix or frosting
$1RR wyb 2/$6 Baby care products include Desitin or J&J Baby oil/powder etc. Desitin, Desitin or Johnson Baby Johnson's Baby Powder Johnson & Johnson, Body Care Product

Walgreen’s EasySaver rebates for April

Printer cartridge $7.50 free after rebate
One aday multi drink 2pk $1.49 free after rebate
Walitin allergy 30ct $6.99 free after rebate

Some upcoming sales for free items!!

CVS - this Sunday and Monday only free Paas!! $1.99 with $1.99 Extra Bucks so it works out to be free.

Walgreens Easy Saver Rebates for April are as follows (free after rebate ones):

Printer cartridge $7.50 free after rebate
One aday multi drink 2pk $1.49 free after rebate
Walitin allergy 30ct $6.99 free after rebate

Which is a good thing cause my printer cartridge needs some ink bad!!


I was looking in my under sink cabinet and realized hey, I only have 3 dish soaps left (here, I thought I had a huge stockpile). So I knew that CVS had some on sale that also would give you Extra Bucks back. I knew that there really wasn't any sales with Extra Bucks or Register Rewards in the near future so decided to go and get some.

Here is what I got:
4 Dawn Ultra's at $1 each
3 CVS Earth's Essentials Big Roll paper towels at 2 for $1

I had a $5 Extra Bucks and also a coupon from CVS for a free roll of the above papertowels.

My cost = zero. Not even tax like I thought I would have to pay. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Oh and I also got $2 back in Extra Bucks from purchasing the dish soap. You got $1 for every 2 purchased with a limit of $4 Extra Bucks back.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's time for a product review!

Today's product that I am reviewing is : Marcal Small Steps Toilet Paper.

They recently had coupons in the paper for 1 free roll or a $1 off on larger sizes. At Sweetbay they have the small 4pk for $1.39. I had 2 coupons myself and then decided to buy some more coupons for it since I figured it would still work out to be quite cheap.

The verdict? I like it. It is soft, strong and thick. My only caveat is that at least on the small rolls which I bought well, it does not last that long.

I generally only buy Scott Toilet paper but it has to be the regular because I absolutely hate the Extra Soft kind (massive lint and it tears too easily). I personally use toilet paper for more than well, ya know. I use it to blot my lipstick, blow my nose, blot the shine from my face, do some minor bathroom cleaning etc. So I need something that does not leave lint and is strong.

I had lately been buying Scott in the big 12pks but I have noticed that it is not the same quality as the 4 pks. To me it seems more like the Extra Soft kind which again I hate! lol

I only wish the Marcal kind was more tightly winded on the roll and more of it so it would last longer. I hate constantly having to change the roll or go and buy more tp. Which is why I like Scott but if they changed their formula and it is indeed the kind I have been getting in the 12pks then I might be changing to Marcal.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here are some samples for you.

Zyrtec sample good for all of those spring allergies!

Kotex sample

Crest Advanced Seal sample

Nicoderm sample

Roots of Nature Hair products sample

Poise pad sample

Always Infinity sample

Cottonelle Tissue and Wipes sample

Parents Choice Formula sample

Gain Sample

Quaker True Delights

Tide Sample

Attune Bar Sample

Surf Sample not sure of this one. There was no place to put your mailing addy unless they email you or something. It's worth a shot.

Coupon for $5 off a box of Glucerna Cereal hit the back button and you can print 2!

Walgreens Purchases

4 Acne Free Products on clearance for $ 7.59 minus 4 $1 off coupons
2 separate transactions (see earlier post) $13.18 each transaction

This was for the Pockmark Filler and I will let you all know how it works. I am hoping it will work somewhat. I have a few pockmarks that I would like to try it on and would also like to try it on a crease I have between my eyebrows. We will see.

Total for above $26.36 with a total of $10 back in Register Rewards (2 $5 coupons back)

3rd Transaction (again see earlier post as to why I had to do 3 separate transactions):

2 dranos $3.50 ea (will get $1 back on each with EasySaver)
Pledge Furniture Polish with a free Pledge Duster $3.50 with $1 off coupon (will get $1 back with EasySaver)
Nature's Source Natural Bathroom Cleaner $3.00 with $1 off coupon (will get $1 back with EasySaver)
2 St.Ives Elements Cleanser on sale for $3.79 with 2 $2.00 off coupons
Snickers (because I was craving one) 89 cents
Register Rewards coupon for $5 off (this was from a previous Acne Free purchase not today's)
Register Rewards coupon for $10 off (I think this was from Huggies)

Total purchase cost $21.97 plus tax
My cost after all my coupons $2.51!!!

So far I will be getting $10.98 back from all of my purchases for the month of March from the EasySaver. This time I am going to have them put it on a Walgreens gift card which will give me a bonus of 10%.

CVS Purchases

2 Baby Blankets from the Dollar Bins on clearance for 49 cents (these are very cute!)
3 Kleenex 99 cents each with 50 cents off coupon
3 St Ives Scrub at $3.99 ea with 3 - $1 off coupons (with $5 Extra Bucks back)
2 Balmex $4.99 each minus 2- $1 off coupons (hit back to print 2) (with a total of $4 Extra Bucks back - $2 per)

Total $21.83 with $9 Extra Bucks back

I actually have at this moment $27 in Extra Bucks but am waiting to use it. So I could have gotten the above for free if I wanted to.

Lesson Learned - FYI - Walgreens Register Rewards

#1 Register Rewards are given out by the manufacture of that particular product not the store.

#2 You can use manufacture coupons toward a purchase that would result in Register Rewards (I am sure you already know this but some managers and store associates do not).

#3 You can not use more coupons than items purchased when using Register Rewards (ie. you buy 10 items and have 10 coupons plus a Register Rewards is a no no - says so on Register Reward coupon itself).

#4 (and this is probably the most important) Register Rewards cannot be used on another purchase for Register Rewards if it is the same product - ie. you get Register Rewards back for say Huggies and you decide to go buy more Huggies while the promotion is still on you will not get any Register Rewards back if the Register Rewards you are using were from purchasing Huggies.

Case in point: Today I purchased 4 Acne Free products and tried to use a Register Reward that I got from buying another Acne Free product. I should have gotten 2- $5 Register Rewards back but did not. So I had to have them void all my purchases and do it all over this time not using the Register Rewards for the Acne Free products. I wouldn't have gone through all that trouble but I figured that is 10 bucks which is a package of diapers!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some easy ways to make a little extra money

O.k. first you will need to create an email address just for these (you will get spam and you will also get a lot of emails so you don't want it filling up your regular email inbox). Just use a yahoo one or something similar.

Then after your new special email account is set up you will want to join the following:

I have already made close to 20 bucks with this (yeah, you won't get rich but hey, every penny helps!). All I have done with this one is click on links in emails - I have never bought anything. You get $5 bucks just for signing up.

Then join this one (I still don't understand it so I will start looking into it more so I can explain it). This one I have only made about 10 bucks so far but I just started using it. It is kind of the same deal you click on links but they don't email you so you will have to go on their website to get your links or install an ad player (which I did).

Now then we get to surveys. I have made anywhere from zero to $50 bucks (this was a focus group) for doing them. Right away obviously you will not get the 50 dollar ones and will have to do free ones first. I also one time won $150 from being entered into a contest for doing a survey so you do sometimes make some money. I think right now from all the various survey sites I belong to I probably have about $100 in my accounts waiting to cash out. I normally wait awhile before cashing out. Some you can cash out anytime others you have to have a certain amount in your account before doing so.

Here are a few to check out and join:


Panda Research

Then of course there are the search engines where you can get points (to redeem for gift cards etc.) or you can win prizes.

Here are some I recommend:

Search & Win



Big Devil



There is also CashCrate (which I am still kind of new at so I don't understand it just yet) but I have made some money for doing really nothing.

Again you will not get rich doing any of these but you will make a little extra money for a little bit of time. You could always take the money from these and open up a savings account for something special. And who knows you might even end up winning something really great!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Some interesting stuff for ya!

As you can see I know have a coupon thingie on the side of my blog. They have some good coupons on there. This is where I got the wonderful Huggies coupons (these were $3 and $5 off!!!). They update the coupons regularly so keep checking! Right now they have the Dry Idea deoderant coupons for $2 off and CVS has them on sale for $2.99 with $2 Extra Bucks back!!!

Discount Drug Card

Home Depot

Vital Juice

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Free Magazine Subscription!!


Various Samples

When you sign up you get offers for samples (no fee, always free)from Quality Health.

Free Sample

These are beyond yummy! And you don't have to feel as guilty when eating them (as you would with a regular sized one lol).

Warm Delights

Entertainment Books

If you have never bought one of these before then you truly do not know what you are missing.
You can save on all sorts of things such as : dining, entertainment, dry cleaning, groceries etc.

You can even preview what offers they have to see if it would be worth it for you to buy. Even if you only use a few coupons you normally still end up getting your money's worth and then some.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

CVS & Walgreens

Both CVS and Walgreens have Huggies on sale this week. So those coupons you hopefully printed can be put to good use this week!

Walgreens has a special if you buy $25 worth of particaptaing products (which includes Huggies and PullUps) you get $10 back in Register Rewards. Huggies are on sale for $10 each (remember to use those coupons!) and they also have Huggies wipes on sale too for $6 (I personally use and prefer Target brand). Also included in this special are the following: Scott bathroom tissue, Kotex and Kleenex.

CVS has Huggies and PullUps on sale for $9.88 (though you will get a better deal in the long run at Walgreens this week).

Make sure to sign up here to get 75 cents back for each purchase of Huggies or PullUps.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Get a free roastburger on March 8th (Sunday) with a purchase of any size soft drink.

You can also join and become an Arby's Extras Member here and get more deals sent to your inbox.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Here is some ways to save on diapers:

Go here and register (it is free and you will make 75 cents (it was a $1) off each package of Huggies or Pull Ups you buy)

Go here and print 2 coupons for Huggies (1 is for $3 off and 1 is for $5 off - these are just the regular jumbo packs not boxes so these are very good coupons!)

This week there isn't any Huggies specials at either CVS or Walgreens though but the coupons don't expire until 04/03/09 so you still got some time to wait for a good sale.

But CVS does have a sale on Pampers buy 2 packs for $10 each(hopefully, you have some Pampers coupons and/or CVS bucks) anyways buy $20 worth and you will get $5 Extra Bucks back.

Pampers coupons are here but these get mailed to you. I will keep looking online for printable ones. I do believe the last 2 Sunday paper inserts had both Pampers and Huggies coupons.