Tuesday, August 6, 2013

No Babies :(

Not sure what happened but I never heard back from the lady. I called her twice today and left two messages with both of my numbers. We had planned on me calling her in the morning to set up a time for me to get them.  I have  been very sad all day about this. I just have this deep down feeling that we are indeed not getting them.

I haven't had the best break between semesters and this was something that I was looking forward to. So I can't help but be depressed. I hope I am wrong...

Monday, August 5, 2013

New Babies!!!

Oh my goodness! We are getting new babies tomorrow! Penny (I hope) will be thrilled! I am a nervous wreck but I know she needs some friends that are her own species. I have been trying to find her a friend or two for awhile now. I posted a want ad on craigslist awhile ago and today I received an email saying they had one. I called and it was a rescuer who had not one but two!! So tomorrow we are going to meet and then Penny will have two friends!! Now if only I could find a metal solid wheel sized right for prairie dogs that cost $50 or less. The plastic ones get chewed up and the only metal one I can find is over a hundred bucks. Right now, I can't exactly afford a hundred bucks for a wheel. We don't know much about them she has only had them since today and she doesn't know much about them. I think they are the ones I seen on either the Human Society's or SPCA's website that had been found. They are young - less than a year old (if these are indeed those two I saw). I don't know if they are going be girls or boys (maybe one of each?).

My only concern is that I hope in their travels (of being lost) they didn't pick up anything. I will have to call the vet's office to see if and what they can test them for. If they don't test them for anything then it won't be worth taking them in (unless of course they seem like they are ill in any way). I will keep these two away from Penny for awhile just in case. Not sure if the pound checks animals for diseases or not. Pet prairie dogs don't get shots so I don't have to worry about that. They also don't carry diseases (the plague would have wiped them out by now).

I cannot wait until we get these new babies!!