Sunday, April 29, 2012

Win a Free KitchenAid Artisan Mixer!

Win an Amazon Kindle Fire!!

You can go here to enter to win a Kindle Fire. I want one of these so bad! This is not sponsored by me in any way, shape or form I am just reposting.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A's and B's = Bad Student Apparently

I took my last final exam and I got a 100% on it!!! So so far since I started college I have gotten all A's and B's. Which is why I am beyond upset that they are holding a class against me from almost 15 years ago that I had been told would not count because I was not a degree seeking student (they did not have my transcripts and was considered a non degree seeking student). I went to that class 2 times and discovered it so was not what I signed up for (it was a computer programing class and NOT a how to use computers class like I had been told). Thanks to the misinformation (as in told that class would not count and that class was a how to class) I have not been eligible for Pell grants and Student loans because of GPA and completion ratio. Completely sucks that I am being treated like I am a poor student (as in grades) when clearly this is NOT the case.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Win a Free KitchenAid Artisan Mixer!

Looks very different this is the new blogger or at least the new way it looks when you are composing your post. Anyhoo....I have been watching so much tv or I should say Roku it isn't even funny. I finished last week all of my assignments and tests (aside from 1 test which is not open yet) so I have had this week off. I would love to say I accomplished a whole bunch of stuff but alas I have not. I have been super duper lazy and have pretty much just watched loads of movies and am trying to get somewhat caught up on House. I have watched some interesting movies lately on Netflix (I am canceling after my 1 month is up - which I had to pay for since I had Netflix before- figured once school starts up again I won't have anytime to watch so why pay for it??). Here is some of the movies I have watched lately: In My Sleep -pretty good if you can get past the ridiculous shirtless moments - do guys really think girls like that look? ick The Shrine -somewhat scary not bad Inside Out - just finished watching this and it was quite good The Clinic - not a bad thriller High Lane - I hate dubbed over voices so it was hard to watch - also they didn't really need to turn it into a slasher film it would have been good if they had left it as a climbing trip gone wrong Carrie 2002 version - not bad for a remake Animal Farm - I watched this with my son and we both enjoyed it. Obviously, my son didn't exactly understand it but one day he will. The Passion of the Christ - talk about a massive tear jerker - even if you are not religious this is a gut wrenching movie Last of the living - was o.k. I suppose The Joneses - interesting concept Walk Like a Man - hadn't seen this since I was 14 and even today I think this movie had some really funny parts. My son liked it too. Gone - pretty decent thriller Sadly, I have watched all of these in less than 2 weeks. Like I said I have been super lazy. It is nice to not have loads of papers to write for school. So nice. I don't see an option for spell check on here and well, I took my medicine to sleep so you will have to deal with any bad spelling mistakes.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

College, Seitan and Zombies Oh My!

I have been super busy with college, being a mom and all sorts of things the last 8 months. So far I have made all A's and B's in school. Unfortunately, I have gotten turned down for every single scholarship and grant I have applied for. We have been living off of one semester's worth of student loans/Pell grant which was for part time so not the max and we have been using them for my school fees, books, our rent etc. Also using tax returns from the last 3 years that I saved etc.(so, no I did not get that much $ for last semester - in case you are wondering).Still getting screwed over because of a class I took over 14 years ago which because of misinformation that the school had given me (that since I was not a degree seeking student that it would not count - they did not inform me that if I changed into a degree seeking student it would) I did not "officially" withdraw from it and that left me with an F which is haunting me now. So I haven't been able to obtain any more student loans etc. for this current semester and summer semesters are no longer eligible for them (thanks government!!).

Today has been one of those days. I tried making homemade seitan and it turned out like bread. :( So my place got about 15 degrees hotter for nothing.

I also attempted to use this Veet device which is similar to an epilady (remember those?) and now my legs are covered with tiny red dots. So not attractive. Not too mention it did not feel too nice. Also I still need to shave since it did not remove all of the hair.

I did just finish watching a really good zombie movie called Rammbock which I believe is a German movie. If you like zombie movies and do not mind subtitles you should definitely check it out.

I ended up getting Hulu Plus since with my Roku it gives you a free month. Wow, I have to say I think Hulu sucks. I will stick with Amazon Prime. I did decide to pay for a month of Netflix since I am finished with one of my classes and only have a test to take in another (in about 2 weeks). So I actually for once have some free time and then will have close to 2 weeks off before next semester. So I figured it would be worth paying for one month. Will cancel or put on hold when next semester starts though.

Was really hoping to get some sort of grant or scholarship to use for this coming semester. I have no clue how well school will work out with my son being home with me 24/7 since I will not be able to pay for daycare. It has been hard this semester with him only going 15 hours a week. This coming semester will be harder classes (could not for the life of me find any easy ones to take).

I am very happy that I had been stockpiling items for the last few years. It has definitely helped and I have not had to buy too many items for us. Of course that doesn't help with rent, electric, storage, car ins and gas, etc. though. I need to win the lotto. If only!!