Monday, June 29, 2009

About me and my blog.

I wanted to take this moment and let my readers know somethings about me. I want you all to understand why for one I don't update as much as some of the other freebie/coupon and mommy type blogs and also let you know that I don't get paid for my posts. In case you were wondering.

So if you ever wonder anytime when I rave about a product. No, I didn't get paid to do so. In fact I actually had to go out and buy that item in question (unless of course I was lucky enough to find a free sample online somewhere - which I post for you all too). I haven't gotten items sent to me to tell you all about and no, I haven't gotten trips or what have you either. Though I would absolutely love to!

I have made approximately $30 with this blog so far and $25 of that was from a sign up bonus so yeah it sure isn't paying my bills. I work a full time job and do this on the side. Hoping that one day I will make enough monthly from it that it will pay for my internet and phone. Don't get me wrong I would love to make more than that monthly but I wanted to be realistic. I figured hoping to make approximately $70 a month wasn't expecting too much when I know of other people who blog make well, a lot more than that.

I do get money if you print coupons from my widget which I believe translates to pennies. So you all would have to print and redeem loads for me to actually make anything with that. But please do print from my widget cause in the long run it might add up to something eventually!

I don't post every day because I am a single parent, I work full time, raise my son 100% by myself and only get to update this blog when I have a free moment. Which anyone who has a toddler knows yeah, you don't get many of those! Whether or not you are a traditional family with the mommy and daddy or whether you are a single parent free time is a rarity.

Well, I just wanted to let you all know that no, I do not forget about you I am just a very busy mommy. I will get back on track soon after the next couple of weeks die down. I promise.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I have been a very busy bee lately..... *EDIT

I cannot wait until things slow down for me. When this will be who knows. Things have been so hectic lately. I am sorry I have not been posting on a normal basis.

I will not be doing any posting this week because of a very hectic schedule and I also have relatives in town. I really need a vacation so I can get away from everything and unwind. If only!

*EDIT- It looks like I will be posting afterall. My plans have fell through. :(

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Shopping Trips Today

2 Always Infintity 36ct $4.99 (reg. price 10 something)
2 NYC compacts $2.99
coupons :
2 - $4 off Always Infinity
1- $5 off NYC
Total $2.48

6 packs of various Bic disposable razors 4ct $5.49 BOGO (today was last day of sale and they had soooooo many left! so I did not feel bad taking 6 when there were at least 40 more)
coupons :
6 - $2 off Bic Razors
Total $5.63

Not too shabby if I do say so myself. :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Things to Come

I am very excited to announce that I will be doing a product review and also be having a contest for my readers with that very product. Yes, I have done reviews before and yes, I have had contests before. So what makes this so exciting? I will tell you: this will be the first review of a product that was sent to me to test and review for you my readers. The same goes for the contest. Before my reviews were on things I went out and bought myself with my own money. Same with the contests I paid for the items in the contest.

I see so many other blogs and they have great contests and they get to test out and review all sorts of cool things.

Now I have reviewed things for various survey companies but that was different since I could not actually tell anyone about the items aside from the survey company. So this will be rather fun and I really hope that other companies start sending me products to test out on a more regular basis. I also hope that they will offer my readers items too in contests!

So if any PR's from any companies are reading this I am very interested in reviewing your products or services on my blog. :)

Store sales

I can no longer do an early preview of Target unless someone is willing to scan it and email it to me (this is of course if you get it prior to Sunday when it comes out). I will only of course list the highlights and not actually post the ad online for copywrite reasons.


Soy Joy bars 4 for $4 with $4ecb recently there were bogo coupons. I personally do not like these but thought I might buy 4 and see if my son likes them.

Thermacare 1ct $2.49 with $2.49ecb these things work great! Unfortunately everytime they have these 1cts on sale like this I can never find any. :(

Edy's Ice Cream BOGO

French's Mustard $1

Magic Jack $39 (has anyone ever used this?? if so let me know)

Mitchum Deodorant $2.99 with $1ecb

Buy $10 worth of Tresemme and get $5ecb



Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
Bic Disposable Razors
General Mills Cereal
Juicy Juice Juice Boxes
Kellogg's Cereal
Kraft Easy Mac
Morningstar Farms
Old El Paso Dinner Kits
Old El Paso Salsa
Stouffer's French Bread Pizza
and a whole bunch more.............

Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Club from Home Depot

I am going to join this because I need to learn how to have a garden. I want to get our backyard looking somewhat decent.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

TGIF's Coupon B1G1F

Here is a coupon you can print out and use at TGIF. The cool thing about this coupon is that you can use it over and over again (until June 22nd that is!).

Go here to print it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nielsen HomeScan

This is an easy way to make a little extra money. I haven't signed up for the Home Scan though I think I will but I did sign up with them for something else pertaining to computer and websites usage.

This weeks picks for various stores 06/14

Various candy spend $15 get $5 Extra Bucks (limit of 5 deals per card) see ad for complete list
Purex Complete 3 in 1 $6.99 get $2 Extra Bucks (limit of 5 per card)
Dry Idea Roll On B1G1F (use coupons for 2 off from my coupon widget) should get for very close to free with 2 coupons
Crest ProHealth toothpaste or rinse 2.99 get $2 Extra Bucks (limit of 1)
Various Kelloggs cereals $1.88!!
Clorox Bleach 2 for $3
Scott Bathroom Tissue 12pk $6.99
Edy's Ice Cream 2 fo $4
Outdoor Stackable Deck Chairs or Tables $6.99
Spend $20 on various Aveeno Products and get $10 Extra Bucks
Get $10 Extra Bucks when you buy 2 Adult Sunglasses prices start at $5.99
Puffs 87 cents!!


PullUps Buy 3 at $8.99 and get a $5 giftcard print 2 coupons for $3 off from my coupon widget.
Memorex Compact DVD Player $28 (great for the kid's room or a backup!)
Loads of various dvds for $3.98
Eureka Optima Vacuum $45
Little Einsteins Rocket Ride On $19.99
Scott Toilet Paper 12pk $6.99 buy 3 get $5 giftcard (this includes the Huggies diapers, pullups and Viva Paper Towels)
Free Gallon of Milk when you buy 3 Kelloggs Cereals at $2.75 each
Free 2 Liter of Coke when you buy 1 Digiorno 12" Pizza at $5.50
Free Lean Pockets when you buy 3 Lean Cuisine One Dish Favorites at $2 each
And loads more.........

Publix (June 11th - June 17th) -

All of these are B1G1F:
Publix Baby Peeled and Cut Carrots
Motts Apple Juice B2G1F
Ragu Pasta Sauce
Kelloggs Cereals (various)
Northland 100% Juice
Cheerios Cereals
Wish Bone Dressings
Pompeian Oil
Motts Apple Sauce B2G1F
Knorr Sides
Nabisco Crackers
Lays Potato Chips
Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies
Chex Mix
Thomas Bagels
YoCrunch Yogurt
I Can't Believe it's Not Butter
Lender's Bagels
Lysol Wipes 80ct
There are a lot of other wonderful deals and those are even all of the B1G1F's that they are offering.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Heads Up

I have to help out with some moving the next couple of weeks so I will be super busy. Between working full time, caring for my toddler, cleaning, cooking , running errands and trying to keep this blog up I am one tired mommy!!

I also am going through loads of my things and figuring out what to keep, what to put near the curb, what to freecycle and what to sell. Sadly, I am a massive pack rat so this is very difficult for me!!

The good news is after I get all of this done I will have more time for my blog and loads of more stuff to sell on my mommy's little monster blogsite (is that what you would call it?? lol). Currently, that is still a work in progress. But it will have some good deals on it. Some examples are as follows: for a limited time it will be free shipping, also with the baby/toddler items I will also throw in another item (such as a onesie or t-shirt - my choice - until I run out of course lol). I also occasionally will run specials like buy one get one free, 1/2 off, contests etc.

It won't only be baby/toddler items it will also be junior clothes and shoes. Who knows what else. Pretty much anything I have worth selling that won't cost an arm and leg to ship. I want to keep the shipping costs down as much as possible.

So I might not be posting too much and I apologize for not posting too much lately. I just have so much on my plate currently and need to get everything taken care of. But in the end it will benefit my readers. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

CVS (sorry it is late)

Pampers Jumbo Packs 8.99 get $5 ECBs back may need to print it out since it is an unadvertised sale. Limit 3 - $1 off coupon in today's paper ( *** This was apparently a "mistake" so they are no longer honoring the online ad which they have now since changed. So hopefully, you were able to take advantage of it before they pulled it. ) They are on sale for 8.99 though.

Dawn Dish Detergent $2 for $2 with $1 ECB back limit 1 offer - 25 cents coupon in today's paper

Buy $15 worth of various chocolates and candies and get $5 ECB back limit of 5 per card

Buy 2 Bananna Boat Sunscreens and get $7 ECBs back limit of 1 per card - there were coupons recently for I think $1 off (good for summer!)

Spend $10 on Swifter or Freebreeze products and get $5 ECBs back limit of 2 per card - I believe there were coupons lately for these items.

Spend $20 on Dove products get $10 ECBs back limit of 1 per card

Some of these are still kind of pricey but if you have ECBs that are about to expire you can use them on these items to get more back.

Remember no more Walgreens posts from me. I did get a call back from the manager but I was not home and I intend to call tomorrow. I will let you know how it turns out. Though I have a feeling it will not turn out well.
*I called the manager back and I didn't really feel like arguing and ruining my day. I pretty much was just apologized to and offered a 15% discount on my next purchase but I do not feel as if that was enough for the ordeal I had encountered. So I will no longer be shopping at Walgreens. The excuses I was given and the fact that apparently not even the managers themselves know how coupons work just make shopping at Walgreens a horrid experience. You should not be made to feel like you are robbing them if you use a coupon or RR (since the manufacture is reimbursing them for the $ off). I will use up the few RRs that I have but will only purchase what they will cover and then no more trips to Walgreens.

Pizza That Pays

Tombstone pizza will help pay your utility bill. O.k. not all of it but $15 max. That is of course if you buy their pizzas. You have until January to buy all of the necessary pizzas. I think I can eat 17 of them by then to get the $15 off my bill. They also have choices for $5 off and $10 off if you don't want to buy and eat 17 pizzas. lol You just need the form and the UPCs so no receipts.

Go here for the details!

Hey, if you are going to eat frozen pizza might as well have it help pay some of your utility bill right?

Mystic Pizza

I found these at SweetBay Supermarket and decided to give them a try since I had coupons. If I remember correctly they were approximately $4.19 or $4.99 and I had a buy 2 get one free coupon. I bought 2 of the Fire Roasted Veggies and 1 of the Cheese.

I have to say I liked them a lot. They were very good and I will definitely be purchasing them again.

The pizzas are a tad on the small side so if you have a large family definitely get at least 2.

I wish the rest of my coupons didn't already expire. :( Unfortunately, I have the smallest freezer so I could not buy more than 3.

Pampers Unadvertised Deal at CVS

You will more than likely need to print this out because the ExtraCare Bucks will not print out on their own (at least not as of today). They have Pampers Jumbo Packs on sale for $8.99 (there is a $1 off in today's paper too) but CVS's webpage shows that you will get $5 ExtraCare Bucks for each one. I would assume it is limit 3 like the sale price.

I just went and bought 3 packs and they did not print out but showed the cashier my print out and she manually forced the ExtraCare Bucks to print. So I got $15 in ExtraCare Bucks for my purchase.

Hopefully, by tomorrow they will have it fixed in the system so it just prints automatically. Luckily, CVS isn't such a pain and will manually force them to print if necessary unlike of course all the pains one must go through to shop at Walgreens.

*** This was apparently a "mistake" so they are no longer honoring the online ad which they have now since changed. So hopefully, you were able to take advantage of it before they pulled it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I just wanted to let my readers know that I will no longer be posting any sales information for Walgreens. I have had too many issues with Walgreens and my last experience was "enough is enough". So I will not promote them in any way or fashion. I am sorry if that upsets any of you. I will keep posting sales etc from CVS though since I have never really had any bad issues with them that was not easily resolved. I can only think of 2 instances where my Extra Bucks did not print and all I had to do was email customer service and on my next shopping trip they printed out. I have also never once (at 4 various stores) had a rude cashier or manager (all of my Walgreens seem to be full of them). I have never once had an issue with coupons (Walgreens there was an issue almost every single shopping trip at 4 different stores). So yep, I am now only going to be loyal to CVS.

Again, I am sorry if that upsets any of you.