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The King's Speech

First off I am biased because I love Colin Firth! But this is a must see movie.

It is about King George VI (whom had a speech impediment) and his unlikely friendship with a common man (his speech therapist)who helped him deliver his speeches and deal with said impediment. Absolutely beautiful movie!

More details here.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. For us it ended up being a very long night. Right as we were about to leave it started down pouring so did not end up leaving my mum's until about 8:30 at night. It was a very nice time though.

I am beyond tired right now and feeling a tad under the weather (I have the worst allergies to my mother's dog).

I did already have wonderful breakfast/snack/early lunch consisting of the following leftovers:

2 cupcakes YIKES!
piece of pumpkin bread
2 deviled eggs (made with spicy horseradish muster YUMMY!)
various cheese, pickles and olives

Now drinking some Cafe Vienna coffee and going to lay on the couch and watch "Unstoppable".

Then will be off to run errands:
Walgreens (have RRs expiring today)
CVS (have ecbs expiring today)
return movie to Publix Blockbuster Express Kiosk
post office to check to see if I got any mail
then go and pick my son up from school

Will then come home and do dishes and try and clean up somewhat.

Would love to do nothing but lie in bed all day reading a good book. :(

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Happy Easter!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Went in hopes of scoring 2 Carefree pantyliners with that awesome coupon. But nope there was zip there.

Did buy the following since it was a good price for organic/natural products:

5 Annies Home Grown Cheese Raviolis $1 each = $5
5 Various Annies Home Grown Boxed Mac & Cheese $1 each = $5

Total = $9.95 since there is no tax on food and I also had my own bag (-5 cents).

According to the receipt I saved $3.95 off the canned ravioli and $3.20 on the boxed mac and cheese. So together I saved $7.15!

Upset that they apparently no longer carry the Annies Spaghetti O type with fake meat. Not sure what they are called but had planned on buying 5 of those also.

My Love and Hate Trip to Walmart Today

I went today to get pictures taken of my son. Unfortunately, even though they called me TWO times to confirm, it was not in the system or I should say they put the appointment at a different store. Can I say how EXTREMELY mad I was???? VERY UNHAPPY with Picture Me Portrait Studios. Wasn't offered anything for the inconvinence nor was the manager even apologetic about it. I did not have all day to wait around to be tried to fit inbetween other customers.

O.k. so that made me in a very, very bad mood. I needed to get my son's pictures taken and today was and pretty much is the only day that actually would work. Not sure when the next time on a week day in the morning we could do this.

On with the Walmart trip. Like I said I was irked so I am surprised my Walmart shopping trip worked out decently.

I bought all of the following for less than $10!

Connect 4 Toy Story Game $7
3 Kotex pantyliners @ $1.24 each = $3.72
2 Reach Floss @ .88 cents each = $1.76
Leopard Duct Tape $3.37 (I needed duct tape and figured I would get a cool kind)
White Cloud 6 pack Toilet Paper $2
2 Similac Formulas @ $3.84 each = $7.68 (I have a friend who uses this so this works out perfect - formula for her and overage for me!)

Total before coupons and taxes = $25.53

I asked the cashier if she wanted me to do 2 transactions but she said she did not care (normally I would have only bought 1 but since I was in such a crappy mood I did something I would NEVER do and bought 2). Coupon limits one per transaction.

Coupons I used:

(3) $1 off Kotex
(2) $1 off Reach
(2) $5 off Similac
$3 off Connect 4
Totally forgot to give her a $1 off coupon for White Cloud :(

New total after coupons and taxes = $8.78 Used a giftcard to pay with.

Will submit for another Tombstone pizza!!! Which will make 4 free pizzas!!

Trying to Cut My Spending As Much As Possible

With gas almost $4 a gallon I need to find ways to pay for it. Our income has also gone down $384 a month!!!! That is a huge amount (at least to me it is). I am trying to cut my spending as much as possible. I truthfully do not spend much money a month so it will be hard to truly save much. I generally buy most of my items with either ECBs or RRs so to save actual cash I am going to have to figure something out!

Things I will not have to buy for a while are as follows:

laundry detergent
toilet paper*
paper towels*

facial cleansers
bar soap*
dental floss
body wash
excedrin etc.

*things that if I find cheap enough will still buy even if I don't currently need

Things I can and need to still stock up on:

Lysol spray

We don't eat out, get takeout or go to the movies. I barely buy clothes for myself - generally once or twice a year if that and each piece is less than $10. My son's clothes all cost less than $6 each piece (including shoes) generally less than that. We do not have cable. We don't eat lunch out, don't buy coffee or drinks/snacks when out and about. Don't have car payments and credit cards are either paid off or very close. So not too sure what we can actually cut back on to help with the increasing cost of gas, electric and food costs.

Earth Day Stuff


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Easter Stuff


Realized that I had ecbs expiring on my mother's card also I decided to see what I could buy.

GE Light bulb $2.99
Mother's Day Card $2.79
Bday Card $2.59
Bday Card $2.59
36 pack plastic Easter Eggs $2.99
Nivea Body Wash $3.88
.89 cents

Total before coupons/ecbs and tax = $18.72

Coupons and ecbs I used:
$5 ecb
$5 ecb
$2 ecb
$2.50 ecb
$1 off GE
$3 off Nivea

New total after above plus tax = $1.54

Received $2.00 ecb back for GE.


Sign up for Groupon to get some very good deals!

Here are some of the deals going on now:

$8 for One Large Any-Topping Pizza at Domino's Pizza (Up to $20 Value)
Domino's Pizza Multiple Locations

$10 for $20 Worth of Decadent Sweets from

$40 for $80 Toward a Wanna Get Away Roundtrip Ticket Between Newark and Any Southwest Destination from Southwest Airlines


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127 Hours

Great movie. James Franco plays Aron Ralston who is a mountain climber who gets trapped after a boulder falls on his arm and traps him. This is based on a true story.

More info here.

Easter Stuff


Wags + Oxy Clean

Oxy Clean Max Force Power Packs 10ct $2.50 each.

Use $1 off 2 Walgreens April 2011 Savings Book + use $3 off 2 coupon from Sunday's Insert

New Total = $1.00 plus tax (more than likely you will pay tax on precoupon price)for 2 10cts.

Not such a bad deal.

$20 Credit for Signing Up

Using my link you will get $20 sign up bonus (without a referral link you get nada - like me boo hoo). This deal expires 04/25 and the credit expires 05/25. Here is my link : This is another one of those daily deal sites.

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Realistic Extreme Couponing -All This for 63 Cents!

I went to CVS since I had some ecbs expiring and I bought the following:

Paas Easter Egg Dye Kit $1.99
GE Light Bulb $2.99
Nivea Body Wash $3.88
Essence of Beauty Hand Sanitizer $3.99

Total before coupons,ecbs and tax = $12.85

Coupons and ecbs I used:

$5 ecb
$3.99 off Essence of Beauty product (Facebook)
$1 off GE Light Bulb (this Sunday's coupons)
$3 off Nivea Body Wash (this Sunday's coupons)

New Total after coupons,ecbs and taxes = $0.63!!

The cashier actually had to change my $5ecb into $4.86 for it to work because of tax so I lost 14 cents but who cares!

I also got back $1.99 ecbs for the Paas and $2 ecbs for the GE Light bulb.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Can I Save $170 a Month on Groceries????

I am going to try and get my monthly grocery spending down to $200 a month from about $370 a month. This is for a state that does not double coupons and for a family who tries their hardest to not eat too many processed foods. We try to eat fresh foods and not a lot of boxed, canned or frozen foods. We also have a very teeny tiny kitchen and a teeny tiny fridge which means very limited space. Same goes for cabinets and counter space. I also do not shop at Aldis since it is not close to me. I also do not shop for the majority of my groceries at Walmart (not too close) so price matching (also do not receive an Aldi ad) is more than likely out of the question. I prefer to do 90% of my grocery shopping at Publix (loads of stores close to me and on my way home) I also feel that their items are fresh and the stores are clean and no long lines.

Items we eat a lot of are as follows:
Morningstar Farms products - (I am presently stocked up) but they don't have a lot of coupons out generally and I try to avoid printing coupons because of the cost of ink and paper - we sometimes eat these every single day

Kraft or Publix cheese slices (yes, I know processed) - coupons and sales so won't be a problem

Kid's yogurt - either Yoplait Dora/Cars ones or Dannon Danosaurs ones - coupons and sales generally. In son's lunch everyday.

Yogurt for me preferably some Greek kind - expensive even with coupons

Fresh fruit and veggies (bananas, premade fruit salad, premade salads, grapes, Crunch Pak apple slices, strawberries, Eat Smart veggies, baby carrots etc. - no coupons generally and expensive (sometimes not just depends) We do get Wic so there is a $6 Wic check towards fruits and veggies to help with the cost.

Gerber Graduates tv dinners things (in case I forget or am too tired to pack a lunch) I never find coupons for these and they cost $2 and up unless they are on sale. 2x a week

Milk - Wic

Cereal - Wic (truthfully, we don't really eat cereal much so I generally donate it- I lived off of cereal when I was pregnant so now hate it and find it too sugary to constantly give to my son)

Juice - Wic, but I buy more since with Wic it is a limited type and we like others that you cannot buy with Wic. Also I buy my son juice boxes for school everyday. Less cleanup for me - which is worth the money in my book - tiny kitchen means very tiny sink.

Bakery items - I would rather buy Publix bakery items on occasion then buy any type of boxed cookie or cake mix. Tastes much better and better ingredients.

Tofurkey and Lightlife deli slices and pepperoni. These are yummy and a must since we do not eat meat.

Frozen pizza - this is one of the really processed foods we eat and can not live without. I tried to make semi homemade pizza yesterday with Publix pizza dough and it turned out horrid. Again extremely small kitchen and very small oven which my new pizza pan did not fit in. :( - Only like certain types - Tombstone, Publix spinach and feta, Hannaford Pesto. Hard to take advantage of bogo sales because of lack of freezer space - hard to fit 2 pizzas in it with other items. At least 1x a week.

Mac and Cheese - Stouffers, crazy processed but this is the best and this helps me get my son to eat his veggies. This is a 1 or 3 times a month food. Makes me fat but oh so yummy!

Various shredded cheeses - sales and coupons.

Pillsbury various rolls - again processed but they make good breakfast sandwiches (morningstar sausage patties and a slice of cheese -yum!) also occasionally the pizza dough to make roni rolls with the fake peperoni or spinach rolls and of course the occasional cinnamon rolls.

Philly cream cheese - occasionally Lenders bagels - occasionally

Tea - Tazo expensive but the best Ginger Green tea out there.

Bread - Wic but I also buy Pepridge Farms Pumpernickel

Publix Veggie sub - once or twice a month (my splurge)

Peanut butter - Wic

Jelly - Polanders All Fruit maybe 2x a year?

Sabro Hummus - my son loves it! Healthy yay!!

Applesauce cups - sugarfree kind - cups only less clean up for me these get sent to school in his lunch every day - school reuses the cups for crafts

Canned veggies - as needed

Mayo - 2x a year?

Butter - 1 to 2x a year? We don't use much.

Oil - 1 to 2x a year?

Ketchup/mustard - 1 to 2x a year?

Pickles - 1 to 3x a year

Olives - 3 to 5x a year

Eggs - Wic

Coffee drink mixes - as needed but maybe once every other month?

Pasta sauce - as needed - not into pasta so much any more

Pasta - again not big on pasta anymore

Rice - as needed - not big on rice but my son likes it

Raisins - 1x a month?

Milk boxes - occasionally

Crackers - as needed - occasionally/rarely

Cottage Cheese - either large container or small individual cups for son's lunch

Various Canned beans - Wic

Mexican Meal Kits(Ortega, Taco Bell) - I buy when they are bogo.

Gallons of water- at least 3 gallons a week 35cents each from machine - tap tastes nasty and smells - might get a Brita filter or pitcher but not sure I will like the taste. I pretty much only drink water. Old house (built in 1900) so it has old pipes with loads of crud in them.

I know there are other items but cannot think of anything right now. Sure I am missing something important.

So I am looking at $50 a week for groceries and my son's daily lunches.

His lunches consist of the following items each day:
sandwich, leftover pizza or Gerber tv dinner
occasional milk box
occasional crackers or cookie
carrots or apple slices occasionally

If only I had a larger kitchen since in the long run it would save me money. Would not have to buy so much premade/prepackages items. But tiny sink and no cabinet space. Grrr...

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Wowzers, I bought some wonderful goodies today. I went to Target for 2 items and ended up with 16 items. I raided the clearance shelf with 2 other wonderful ladies.

This is what I bought:
Archer Farms Cheese Pizza $7.99 (this is what I went for)
Smuckers Waffles $2.99 (the other item I went for) **Yuck! These taste like you have gobs of sugar in your mouth - I mean I can actually taste the sugar crystals- Not worth the 99 cents I spent on them after coupons- disgusting!!!
Target bagels 99 cents

Clearanced items:
House of Thai Szechuan Stir Fry Sauce 96 cents
Balsamic Vinegar $1.56
Mughlai Kofta Curry with Peas Pulao $1.06 (I have never ate Indian food)
Dal Palak with Zeera Rice 96 cents (again I have never eaten Indian food)
Pickled Okra .66 cents (never had it)
Garlic Powder .36 cents
Basil .26 cents
Horseradish Mustard .56 cents (yummy deviled eggs!)
Italian Seasoning .86 cents
Red Pepper Flakes .46 cents (HUGE container)
Couscous $1.76 (1 lb jar)
3 - Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter $2.66 each (this is DIVINE - way better than Nutella - not sugary sweet but real tasting)

I had 3 coupons:
$1 off Smuckers Waffles Target coupon
$1 off Smuckers Waffles Manufacture coupon
$1 off Archer Farms Pizza

Total = $25.45

Regular prices for clearanced food are as follows:
Okra $2.69
Horseradish Mustard $2.29
Chocolate Hazelnut Butter $10.57 (everything I bought cost less than the regular price of the 3 I bought)
Couscous $6.79
Stir Fry Sauce $3.79
Indian Food $3.99
Indian Food $3.89
Balsamic Vinegar $5.99
Italian Seasoning $3.54
Garlic Powder $1.19
Red Pepper Flakes $1.89
Basil .99 cents

Total for those items only (with regular prices) = $68.75 (this is NOT including my bagels,pizza and waffles) I saved $43.30!!!

I will be going back for some more of the Hazelnut spread since after talking to my mother about it and thinking of loads of yummy stuff to make with it. They must have had at the very least 50 jars of it that don't expire for another year.


In the past 2 months I have gone to Walmart more than I do in a year normally. This is all thanks to their new coupon policy which lets you have overage.

This is what I bought today:
2 Always liners @ 93 cents each = $1.86
2 Carefree liners @ 94 cents each = $1.88
2pk child goggles (water) $1.50 (for the bathtub lol)
Toy Story Operation Game $5.00

Total before coupons and taxes = $10.24

Coupons I used :
$3.00 off select Hasbro games (print here)
(2) .50 cents off Carefree (from previous coupon insert)
(2) $1.00 off any Always product (from Facebook P&G coupon booklet)

New total after coupons and taxes = $4.96.

The 2 Always coupons totally paid for the liners including tax thanks to the overage. Not a huge overage but those 2 products were truly free. Also items I use so great for me. I bought all the above for less than the price of the board game. I also will submit the receipt and form for a free Tombstone pizza.
I plan to go next week and buy Chutes and Ladders and also submit for a free pizza. That will be a total of 3 games and 3 pizzas for less than the price of 3 games. Not too bad. Will have pizza and games to stash away for the next 2 Christmas's. Now if I can only find a good coupon (with a product they actually have in stock) that gives good overage.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


If you have a Kohl's charge card you can use these two codes to get free shipping and 30% off. They might even work without a Kohl's charge card (not sure). Right now they have the spend $50 get $10 Kohl's cash deal going on.

30% off code: SHOPNSAVE30
free shipping (no min.): FREE4MVC

I have no clue when the above codes expire.

Pyrex Sale

I have been wanting to get rid of most of my plastic food storage containers for sometime now. I have been looking at the Pyrex ones but they are rather expensive. I think I did pretty good on this order. I shouldn't have really bought anything but I could not pass up the pretty glasses.

Here is my order:

Item Description Price Quantity Total

Storage 4-cup Round Dish w/ Plastic Cover $2.99 1 $2.99

4-cup Round Storage Plus Dish $2.99 1 $2.99

Coordinates® Cherry Blossom 8-oz Acrylic Glass $2.99 4 $11.96 (buy 2 get 1 free)

6-pc Storage Plus Set (2 cup) $7.99 1 $7.99

8-pc Storage Set (1 cup) $10.39 1 $10.39

Coordinates® Cherry Blossom 8-oz Acrylic Glass $2.99 Free 2 Free

Subtotal $36.32

Ground Shipping $8.95

Sales Tax $2.04

Discounts ($7.26) use code Z03503 for 20% off

Order Total $40.05

You've saved $13.24 on this order.

This works out to about $2.67 each piece (I do not count lids as a separate piece). I will now have safe items to use in the microwave and fridge instead of using plastic.

You can check out their sale they are having right now with loads of pieces for only $2.99. It is Shop World Kitchen and I have bought from them before and really liked their prices and the way they packed the order. Here is a previous order of mine. They wrapped each thing in bubble wrap the last time I ordered from them.

My Neighbor Drives Me Insane!!!

He works 3rd shift and lives above me. Because he works third shift he thinks and expects me to be as quiet as a mouse all day long while he sleeps. This means: no tv, no microwave (yes, no using the microwave), no blender, no food processor and nothing else that makes any type of noise whatsoever.

I can totally understand being as quiet as possible through the hours of say 8/9pm to 8/9 am. But I am talking about all day long.

Yet, he thinks nothing of the following: parking his bicycle either right by my bedroom or bathroom window (which could mean at 3 am parking it there), washing his floors at 2am (which I can clearly hear while I am laying in bed trying to sleep),or having a friend over at 9pm and talking and walking loudly.

Seriously, he just heard my microwave go off and I heard him make an annoyed grunting sound. Yesterday around 5pm I had put my son in his bedroom and had him in time out. Unfortunately, my son thinks nothing of yapping away the entire time he is in time out. Talking to who I have no clue but I swear my son never stops talking! And the man upstairs seriously went down his stairs to where my son's bedroom window is and stood there and listened!!! It was 5pm!!! And my son was not being THAT loud. We are supposed to apparently whisper when we are home. Which is complete B/S if you ask me.

Now, I am a quiet person by nature my son not so much so. Though I do try to make him be as quiet as possible. And no, he is not the loudest child but just a normal child who makes some noise. That's what kids do.

When my son was smaller and he would cry (since babies do that)the man upstairs would stomp his feet. I am not lying. He would actually stomp his feet. I mean who does that??? This man isn't even that old. I think he may be younger than myself.

I worked 3rd shift before and I never expected my neighbors to change their lives for me. If you work 3rd shift you know that you need something to block out some noise. A fan, ac unit, air purifier all of these things work. He has 3 or 4 ac units for his tiny apartment so he could turn one of those on.

Also he smokes ( A LOT) and leaves his door open which means I can not have any windows open or else smoke comes in. I had a window fan for my computer area (I only have 2 window ac units in my house - so no ac for computer/kitchen/dining area) and my entire place smelled like cigarette smoke.

Obviously, I try my hardest to be quiet and keep my son quiet if he is home. But we should not have to whisper, tiptoe and lay perfectly still all day just for this man. I mean he walks around the house very loud and also is a loud talker (though he rarely has company) but you can hear him on his phone sometimes.

Sorry but I had to vent. I get so sick of not being able to live because of this man.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Boo Hoo

I had planned on making one more trip to each of the Blockbusters that were closing this week. Only to find out they already closed their doors for good. I mean yes, I know I should be happy and grateful that I was able to purchase a lot of movies for ridiculously cheap but still....

Sucker Punch

I had no desire to watch this film. I recall seeing the preview for it when I saw "The Fighter" and thinking "whoa...this movie looks dumb".

I barely lasted 40 minutes of this film before I turned it off. I think the only people who will kind of like this movie would be males and only because there are pretty young girls in it.

Obviously, this is just my own personal opinion. You can go here for more details about the movie.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

List of Movies I Own ~ Ongoing

The Wicker Man
Come Early Morning
The Mars Pease Experience
In The Loop
When Did You Last See Your Father?
Charlie Bartlet
Two Weeks
The X- Files -Fight The Future
The X- Files -I Want To Believe
There Will Be Blood
Youth In Revolt
A Perfect Getaway
Dorian Gray
Martian Child
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
The Girl Who Played With Fire
The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest
Dirty Dancing
Factory Girl
Lars and the Real Girl
Henry Poole is Here
I (heart) Huckabees
Bart Got A Room
Lord of the Rings (the whole trilogy)
Kyle XY (all 3 seasons)
Harry Potter (years 1-6)
Walk the Line
Romeo and Juliet
Dawn of the Dead
Texas Chain Saw
Blair Witch Project
Usual Suspects
Boondock Saints
Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction
From Dusk to Dawn
Basketball Diaries
Mystic River
House of Yes
American Psycho
The Rules of Attraction
Less than Zero
La Femme Nikkita
The Professional
Midnight Express
Six Ways to Sunday
Brothers Bloom
Requiem for a Dream
Grand Theft Parsons
One Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest
The Shining
Clockwork Orange
Some Like it Hot
Hair Spray
Cry Baby
Desperate Living
Office Space
Girl Interrupted
Torch Song Trilogy
Donnie Darko
Napolean Dynamite
Sid and Nancy
Spinal Tap
Slap Shot
House (seasons 1 and 2)
Lost (entire series)
The Hangover
Eddie and the Cruisers
Hockey Mom
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People
Starsky and Hutch
Casino Royale
Connie and Carla
Mickey Blue Eyes
Bridget Jones Diary – The Edge of Reason
Terms of Endearment
13 Going on 30
Steel Magnolias
Jaw Breaker
Wild Things
Soul Survivors
Coming to America
Matrix (4 movies)
Tomb Raider
Blue Crush
A Knight’s Tale
March of the Penguins
Young at Heart
Farhenheit 911
Garden State
America Beauty
Stand By Me
Rebel Without a Cause
East of Eden
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
A Streetcar Named Desire
Night of the Living Dead (1968)
The House of Seven Corpses (1974)
The Devil Bat (1940)
G Force
Monsters Inc.
Open Season 3
Christmas Carol
Santa Clause 3
The Dark Knight
Deck the Halls
Spiderman 3
The Rescuers
Ice Age the Meltdown
Toy Story (1-3)
The Incredible Hulk
Legends of the Guardians
How to Train Your Dragon
Batman (1-4)
Muppets from Space
The Mighty Ducks
Milo and Otis
Good Boy
Snow Dogs
Mr Magoo’s Wonder Emporium
Adventures in Babysitting
Surf’s Up
Madagascar Escape 2 Africa
Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs
The Water Horse
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Stuart Little (1-2)
Lilo and Stitch
Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas
Kermit’s Swamp Years
The Tigger Movie
Winnie the Pooh
Quest for Camelot
Christmas Classics (various)
Alice in Wonderland (movie)
Alice in Wonderland (cartoon)
Snow White
The Cat from Outerspace
Ironman 2
Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue
The Aristocats
The Spiderwick Chronicles
Planet 51
Beauty and the Beast
Shrek Forever After
Shrek the Third
Alvin and the Chipmunks (1 & 2)
Nightstalker (complete series)
Cadillac Records
Bridget Jone's Diary

CVS + Walgreens - Biore Deal

If you are like me and absolutely love Biore Pore Strips then you will be happy that this week there are 2 different deals on them.

Walgreens has the cheapest deal which is buy 2 at $5.99 each and get back a $5RR. Which to make the deal better use the buy one Biore Pore Strip and get one Biore Cleanser free coupon (from a previous insert) to make it 2 items for only $5.99 plus tax.

Or CVS which has 2 for $15 with $5ECBs back and use the same coupon and pay $7.50 for 2 Biore items.

I was happy to see that Walgreens has the 14 pack on sale for $5.99 also!!

I have 3 of these coupons so I will be stocking up on pore strips and cleanser.

***Update - this is a very good price on these items. I went to Walmart and they cost more at Walmart.

More Odds and Ends

Saturday, April 9, 2011

List of Websites to Watch TV Online

Here is a list of various websites where you can watch tv shows and movies via your computer. Go here for directions on how to hook your computer up to your tv so you can watch via your tv.

USA Networks (The first two episodes will be available online the day after they first air, with all remaining new episodes available 30 days after they first air.)


Fox Channel 131 - movies and tv shows with various links*

Project Free TV -movies and tv shows with various links* (free movies and tv shows to Prime Members)

*both of these have some of the new movies that are out at the theaters and new tv episodes generally the day after they air

Friday, April 8, 2011


Ebates has online rebates and coupons for over 1,200 stores! This is one of those stores that you go through their link to whatever shopping site you choose and then you get cash back on your purchase. They also have coupon codes available on their site to help you spend less. I have been using them a lot since I signed up and have already had 2 checks sent to me. They also offer specials where they double the cash back for certain stores.

They are free to join and they generally have a sign up bonus of $5 to $10 when you sign up. Go here for details.

Various Coupons to Print


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gift Card Rescue

Here is a way to buy gift cards for cheaper than their face value. You can also sell any gift cards that you do not want!

Odds and Ends

Travel Alaska

Crayola Color Wonder On the Go 50 Cents at Wags

I wanted to make sure the coupon worked prior to telling you all about this. This week Walgreens has Crayola Color Wonder (On The Go packs) on sale for 2 for $3. Regular price is $1.99 (these are the small packs - 5 sheets with 2 markers). This past Sunday in the Smart Source coupon insert there was a $1 off coupon for them. I was able to purchase 2 of them today and paid $1.21 out of pocket (with tax). They were in a special cardboard display. I am thinking this would make a good addition to an Easter basket or even save it back for a Christmas stocking.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Swag Bucks

Have I mentioned how much I love Swagbucks lately? It is so easy to get giftcards to Amazon just by doing searches.

This is my current Amazon giftcard balance:

Redeem your gift card
Previous Balance:$70.00
Redeemed Amount:$5.00

Current Balance:$75.00
Your gift card has been successfully applied to your gift card balance.

$5 Amazon giftcard is 450 swagbucks.

53 Cents!

Yesterday, I went to Bealls and paid a total of 53 cents for a hand mixer with stand and 2 small Disney Games! It took me forever to find something to use the $30 Bealls Cash that my mother had given me. Their things are so pricey! I was happy that I found the mixer on sale for half off (reg. $54.99) and the 2 games 70% off $5 ($1.50 each). I will post photos later. But I just had to mention what a great deal I got. Fifty three cents, how cool is that?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Some Movies I Bought Today at Blockbuster

Some of them I have no clue what they are even about (the ones without covers). I had planned to walk around the store looking for the same ones with covers to see if I wanted them but then realized it was later then I thought. So I just went ahead and bought them.

Here is the list:

Without covers:
The Wicker Man @ 99 cents x2 (did not realize I grabbed 2 of them) = $1.98
Tenure @ 99 cents
Come Early Morning @ 99 cents (I have a massive crush on Jeffrey Donovan)
The Mars Pease Experience @ 99 cents
In The Loop @ 99 cents
When Did You Last See Your Father @ 99 cents
Charlie Bartlet @ 99 cents
Two Weeks @ 99 cents

With covers:
The X- Files -Fight The Future $2.99
The X- Files -I Want To Believe $2.99
There Will Be Blood $2.99 (great movie)
Youth In Revolt $2.99 (I thought it was pretty funny)
A Perfect Getaway $2.99 (I really liked this movie)
Dorian Gray $2.99 (I love Colin Firth so hopefully it is good - also hoping it is based on the Oscar Wilde book?)

Total for all 15 movies = $28.87 which equals about $1.92 per movie. Not too bad! Movies without covers were 99 cents each and movies with covers were $2.99 each. I plan to go back next week since I am thinking movies will be $1.99 each (they seem to go down a dollar a week).

Let Me In

I loved this movie. It is not the traditional vampire movie. If you ask me it is almost more of a love story but then again not really. Somewhat of a horror movie but not so much so.

More info here: Let Me In

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thank You MorningStar Farms!

Morningstar Farms brought back the corn dogs and mini corn dogs!

Now if only they would bring back the following:

Morningstar Farms® Meal Starters™ Veggie Steak Strips

Morningstar Farms® Veggie Bites Spinach Artichoke

Breakfast Scramble Starter (not sure if that was the name or not)

Breakfast Scramble Bites (again not sure of the correct name- they were divine!)

Breakfast Egg and Spinach Bites (not sure of the name)

Also please, please bring back Tuno and make some fake fish products (like fish sticks!)