Friday, September 26, 2008

Stuff I got in the mail today.

Sample pack of Playtex Sport
Sample pack of Cottonelle Fresh Wipes (these will be good to keep in the car since I have a toddler!)
Issue of Star magazine which is a free subscription that I have

Not that great but we will see what next week holds.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Link for Recalls

Being a mother these days means checking this website to keep up with all of the constant recalls. I remember when I was little things were actually safe because we made them here in the USA. The only recall I remember when I was little was the Tylenol one which was very horrible. :(

I really wish we would just stop all importing of products from China. I truly believe we should have an embargo with China. Not only would it make loads of jobs for people in the United States it would also stop all of these lead recalls in toys. But that is just my personal opinion.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Review

O.k. I am one of those people who hate buying something and then getting it and realizing I do not like it. I generally look for reviews online before I buy certain products but I don't always do.

My first review is on something that was actually kind of pricey and was something I would normally not pay that kind of money for.

I bought a Bare Minerals kit and paid about $75 after shipping. Again I never allow myself to spend that kind of money especially now since I am a mother. But I wanted something nice for myself for just once so I bought this.

First off - if you have oily skin this product will not be matte enough for you.
Second - if you need full coverage this product will not be for you.
Third - the bristles on the brush get all over you even up your nose! lol
Fourth - the informercial says you can return after 60 days but when you call them it is actually only 30 days.

I still use it and I bought it about 5 months back (it was a gift to myself) and I still have to use my powder after I apply it. It takes me twice as long to put my makeup on now (before I just used this powder I buy that has very high pigmentation) but I will say the product is kind of fun to use but truthfully I have not noticed a change in my skin or anything else. I still have oily skin and I still get the occasional breakout.

Overall I think the product is a waste of money. Before buying any I would see if a friend has some that you could test out first or buy it in a store that has a good return policy ( I think CVS lets you return opened makeup - although I don't know if they sell it).

Easy 6 bucks

I just joined this and made an easy 6 bucks in less than 5 minutes. I guess you can't cash out until you have 30 dollars but hey, it doesn't seem too hard to get there (without buying anything I am thinking 2 to 3 months).

I just joined so I don't know too much about it but the little bit of money I can make from it for the small amount of time it will be worth it. I can make money from it inbetween posting on here and checking my email while my son is napping.

FYI - I would have one email address set aside for these type of things because you will get junk mail because of them. I have a few email accounts : 1 for friends, 1 for surveys and 1 for misc.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

That was an easy 14 bucks!

I just sent out my reciepts for my Huggies diapers and will be getting a check for $14 in about 4 to 6 weeks. So that is good. No, I won't get rich doing this but it is an item I have to buy so it is nice to get some money back on them. Of course always use coupons and wait for them to go on sale when you buy them!

You can go here and sign up so you too can make some money back buying Huggies Diapers. It doesn't cost you a cent to sign up and the only thing it will cost you is a stamp and an envelope when you send in your receipts.

FYI - I will always tell you if something is going to cost you to sign up so you don't have to worry!

Today's Loot!

Today in the mail I got the following:

Free sample of Chanel Mascara (I have never owned anything Chanel so this is exciting!)

Sample pack of Kotex pads and tampons (these always come in handy)

Sample of Cascade and Magic Eraser

Coupons for Pampers

Clean and Clear Oil Asborbing Sheets

Book called : "Hot Mama" which was free from buying Secret Clinical Deoderant

US Weekly (free subscription)

Marie Claire ($5 subscription)

Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

If you stick with me you can get this kind of stuff in your mailbox too!!

Make $1 back on each pack of Huggies

This is directed towards caregivers but they also give you money back for buying baby diapers (Huggies only). Everytime you buy Huggies save your receipt after you have purchased at least 5 packs send in your receipts plus the form (it is online) and they will send you a check. You get $1 back per pack. Yeah, you won't get rich but if you send it say 10 receipts that is pretty much enough for another pack of diapers!

Go here

Hints for saving on diapers (these are things I do):
use coupons
only buy when they are sale (and stock up)
wait until CVS or Walgreens has some promotion where you get either CVS bucks or Walgreen bucks back (and of course use your coupons on that purchase)
then when you have your CVS or Walgreens bucks wait until they are on sale and use those plus coupons to buy more diapers (I do this all the time)
FYI - with Walgreens bucks your # of coupons can not outweigh how many items you are buying (I try to buy a candy bar or something else cheap so I can use 1 diaper coupon plus the Walgreens bucks on my purchase)
Buy Huggies and then save the receipt to get a buck back later on

In my local Walgreens they had one of those machines in the baby aisle that had $1 off Huggies and they are currently on sale for $9.99 and you get a $2 off coupon back with your purchase.

Fabric Softner Sheets - DIY

Here's how:

Make your own -

You will need the following:
tupperware container (medium to large size) with lid
liquid fabric softner
wash clothes, towels or other material that will not leave lint

Mix 1 part fabric softner to 2 parts water
Cut material into 6x3 pieces (or whatever size you want really)
Put material into tupperware (with the liquid mixture)
Take out a piece (as needed) and squeeze out any excess liquid
Dry with clothes (afterwards put piece back in tupperware to use again)

Reuse your old ones -

Tupperware container with lid
Liquid Fabric Softner
Used Dryer Sheets

Pour fabric softner in container and add your dryer sheets
dry them out to use

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Search and Win Links

You can win prizes when you search online with these links.

Go here to sign up for them:

Here is one

Here is another

And another

and another

and one more for now .

That's it for now. I will add more as I get them.

I recently won a $10 gift certificate from using these. So yes, you do win. It just might take some time.

Welcome to my blog!

I just wanted to let everyone know what my blog is going to be all about. It is going to have helpful advice on single parenting , free stuff and reviews on products etc. I am going to try to give lots of information to help out others like myself. I am single parent of a toddler so I am on a budget which I am sure most of you these days are too!

I will posts links to free samples, free items etc. I will also let you know of any good sales I come across. And of course I will review various products I try and let you know if they are worth buying or not. Also I will give any helpful advice I come across while raising my toddler.

All in all I hope you will all enjoy my blog and become avid readers of mine. :)

I hope to post on here a few times a week if not more.

Free Magazine Subscription!!

Free Magazine

Seriously 100% free subscription to TV Guide Magazine. I have already done this one and I have been getting this magazine now for some time. It is a lot better than the TV Guide of the past this one is actually like a real magazine.