Saturday, February 28, 2009

Magic Jack

Here is another way to save loads of money on your phone bill.

I have not tried this one yet but was thinking about getting it. Not sure though. It looks like a very, very good deal.



$25 Gift Certificates for only $2!

Last day to get $25 gift certificates for only $2!! Code to use is : DINE

These are really good and the restaurants change so if you looked last time and did not see any you liked look again.

Ends today!!!


I highly recommend getting Vonage instead of a home phone and even instead of bundling with your cable company. I did the math and for me it was cheaper to get the cable + internet through the cable company and then add Vonage to it. Currently I actually got rid of my cable all together and only have internet and Vonage and am saving a bundle!! Not sure if it is the case where you live but for me there is no tax on internet so I only pay $29.99 for it and then only pay $20.12 for my Vonage. Vonage has way less taxes and hidden fees than a regular home landline and the cable company.

I have used Vonage now for about 3 years and have not had any issues with it. I really love it.

They also have a really great feature where you can see all your outbound and inbound calls. If you wanted to see who called you from your landline phone (as in a statement) you would need a court order (I asked before). Also you can even put in a certain phone number and see everytime they called you or you called them. Sometimes these things come in handy.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Good buys for kids clothes!!

Go here first and sign up (you should get a $5 bonus for signing up) this way you will get a % back then search for these stores:

The Children's Wear Outlet
my order:

Best BoyManufacturer : n/a
1: 1 (1%)
GentlemanManufacturer : n/a
3: 3 (3%)
SnazzyManufacturer : n/a
3: 3 (3%)
Including taxes:

Georgia Sales Tax $0.00 :
Shipping cost:
Total cost:

This order was for 2 suits ( linen suit with a shirt, another suit with a shirt and tie) and a sweater vest, shirt and pants combo. Price tags on the clothes showed : $52, $52 and $38).

I got $1.60 back for this order (not great but it is something).

Next search for KidSurplus
my order:
1 Striped Button Down Shirt (2-3T) 3 0.99
1 Printed Rocket Top Lounge Wear (2-4Yrs) 2-3Yrs 2.49
1 Burt & Ernie Umbrella 4.99
1 Printed Rocket Top Lounge Wear (2-4Yrs) 3-4Yrs 2.49
1 Sesame Street Take & Toss Trainer Cups 2.99
1 2-in-1 Harness & Handstrap 2.99 ********** PRODUCT 16.94 TAX 0.00
POSTAGE & HANDLING 7.95 ********** TOTAL $ 24.89

I got back 63 cents for this order (again not great but already I have $7.23).


They have Pepperidge Goldfish Crackers on sale for $1.79 go here for $1 off coupons. I bought 8 packages of them to stock up. Toddlers love goldfish crackers!!

***The coupons seem to not scan though. I went yesterday and bought 4 packages they did not scan but the lady hand wrung them up. Today when I went they again did not scan and the lady asked a manager and she said I could only use 1 coupon. Claiming that I photocopied them. I explained that it gave me an option of how many coupons I wanted to print at once. She let it go.


This is what I bought today at CVS:
Qtips $2.00 (haven't had the good ones in ages)
Nyquil $4.99
Dayquil $4.99 (purchase of both Nyquils gave me $5 EB)
Ban $1.99
Instant Energy Drink (decided to see if it would help with my lack of energy lol) $4.99 with $4.99 EB back
Rapidcuts weightloss $7.50

$1.50 of Nyquil
$4.00 off $20 purchase
$5.00 EB

Total cost with tax $ 15.96 and I got $9.99 back in EB

They also have Scott bathroom tissue on sale for $6.99 but my store was out of it. :(

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Walgreens Goodies!!!

Garnier Fructis free after rebate $3.99 if you get the Sunday coupons they you more than likely have a coupon for $1 off (sadly, I forgot to give the girl the coupon) Even if you don't need shampoo or conditioner might as well buy it since it is free and you will need it eventually.

Thermacare Trial Size free after rebate $2.49 (my store did not have any)

Buy 2 Theraflu products for $10 and get $6 back with rebate (good to stock up on) more than likely have coupons from your Sunday paper 2 weeks ago

Oust air santizer on sale for $2.99 with $1 back (I had a buy one get one free coupon so I should get $2 back we will see)

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel 6pk $4.49 (I had a $1 off coupon) will get $1 back with rebate

You will need the Easy Saver Book which is in the stores or you can do your rebates online (I think I will try it that way to save a stamp).

Free Magazine Subscription!!

Elle Decor!!! 1 year free!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get cash back for shopping online!

I just joined this and it seems pretty cool. You get a certain % back for your purchases (each store is different). They have loads of stores listed (just about any store you can imagine). It is free to sign up.

Mr. Rebates

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A few things

T.GI. Friday's Buy 1 entree and get 1 free printable coupon that can be used over and over again until March 1st. This might take awhile to load.

Emergen-C samples

Bayer Asprin Pill Tote


Buy 2 Pampers for $9.99 each (hopefully you have coupons) Sunday's paper had one in it.
Buy 1 Dawn Dish Detergent for 99 cents

and get Madagascar 2 for only $4.99!!!

This was from page 16 of the store circular you had to buy $20 worth of items from that page.

Hopefully you had coupons and/or extra bucks to make the deal sweeter like I did!! I ended up paying less than $7 for those 4 items.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Free Dessert at the Melting Pot

Get your printer ready. Not sure if this will work or not since it was meant for me for doing a survey. But figured I would offer it up since I can't afford to eat there. :(

Coupon here

Friday, February 6, 2009