Friday, December 19, 2008

Covering those pesky grays...

So I starting getting gray hair too early in my life. At first it wasn't so bad it was only approximately 20% gray but then in the last say 2 years it became like 80% gray. So then I started dying it like mad. But it seemed like 2 days later they were creeping back! Needless to say my hair looks horrible and it is badly damaged. I searched around online and found a product called Water Works. It is a powder hair dye. Supposedly it covers grays well and lasts long. I went to Sally's today and bought some. It was $4.99. Sadly, they only had 3 color choices (brown, dark brown and black). I miss the days of dying my hair red. :(

I mixed it up thinking I was going to make a mess. I didn't. I thought it would be a pain in the butt to use because there was no way I was doing the painting on method with a little brush. So I put it in a bottle (worked just fine that way, folks). There was absolutely no smell like most hair dyes. I left it on for 40 minutes (I really wanted those grays to disappear!). Well, my hair ended up black (I bought the dark brown) and there are no more grays. Now, we will see how long it is before they come showing up again. Though I will admit I am going to start only washing my hair once a week for now on to postpone any color loss and also to help my hair not be so damaged. Also my hair doesn't feel dry or anything after coloring it so that is nice.

Anyone have any pointers for covering those grays? I am way too young to have this much gray hair so I am very desperate here.

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