Saturday, February 20, 2010

Walgreens 02/21

Montly Register Rewards Deal

Buy Participating healthy choice,Quaker,Hunts,Wesson,Omron,Orville,Redenbach er,Coricidin,Colgate,Bayer,Cirtrical,One-A-Day,Centrum,or Cheerios,and get Register Rewards...
Buy $20.00,get $5.00 RR
Buy $30.00,get $10.00 RR

Healthy choice streamer seasame chicken 10.3oz,Healthy choice grilled chicken & basil 10.6oz
.39 ( Hunt sauce store IVC)

Get $3RR Wyb Scrubbling Bubble Soap Scum Trigger Kit 25oz ...$7.99

Get $5RR Wyb 2 or More Participating Breathe Right and Abreva Products

Abreva Cold Sore Pump 0.7oz ...$15.99
Breathe Right Nasal Strip 26-30ct,2oz Spray..$9.99

Monthly Deal

Buy 1 or More Participating Gillete Fusion or Venus Razor Products get $4RR
Fusion MVP,Pwer,Manual Razor Venus,Breeze,Divine,Embrace Razor

Get $3RR Wyb 2 or More Participating Tylenol Cold or Allergy Products,$4.99 each

Tylenol Cold,Allergy,Rapid Release Caplets Tablets,8oz 24 cts ( Does not includes) Tylenol liquid for Adults in the pain and sleep section of the store,where all the Tylenol & Motin)

Get $5RR Wyb 1 Prilose otc 20mg 42ct .....$24.99

Buy 1 or More Participating Benefiber Products and recieve Register Rewars for Benefiber Drink Mix Stick Pack 18ct Free
S/F Powder 62 Dose
S/F Powder + Calcium 48 Dose
Nutriose Chewtab Assortd 100ct
Nutriose Powder 48 Dose
Stick Pack 28ct

Get $5RR Wyb1 Free Style Freedom Lite Meter of Free Style Lite Blood Glucose Meter $19.99 (Note No Rebate)

Monthly Deal

Get $5RR Wyb 2 More Participating Triaminic or Theraflu Products

Allergy Thin Strips 14pk,Nighttime Cold or Cough Grape 4oz,Multi-Sympton Fever Bubble Gum 4oz, Nighttime Cold & Cough Thin Strip Grape 14pk,Daytime Cold & Cough thin Strip Berry 14pk,Cough Noise Thin Strip Grape 14 pk,Colf & Allergy Orange 4oz DayTime Cold & Cough Cherry 4oz,Nasal Sinus Congestion Spray.67oz,D-Multi-Sympton Cold 4oz.

Daytime Severe Cold & Cough 6cts,Sinus Cold Warming Syrup 8.3oz,Cold/Sore Throat 6ct,Nighttime Severe Cold & Cough 6ct, Sugar-Free Nightime Cold & Cough 6ct,Sinus & Cold 6ct,Cold Chest Congestion Warming Liquid 8.3oz,Warming Liquid Flu 8.3oz, Warming Daytime 8.3oz,Warming Liquid Cold & Cough Nighttime 8.3oz


Soft Soap Hand Pump Soap Assorted Variety,7.5oz ...$.99

Soft Soap Bodywash Assorted Variety 15-18oz ........$2.99

($1.00 MQ,Tearpad varies by store,$1.00 off)

Soft Soap Bodywash Nutri Serum Store IVC Feb Sheet Coupon

Aqua-Fina Drinking Water 16.9oz 24pk...$3.99

Entire Line of Foster Grant Reader Glasses,BOFO 50%

Entire Line of CoverGirl Costmetics ,BOGO 50%

Entire Line of Revlon Costmetics,BOGO 50%

Breyer Ice Cream Asstd Flavor 48oz-BOGO $6.29

Cadbury 2 Liter Soda ..$1.26
Sunkist,A&W Rootbeer,Hawaiian Punch,Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Glad Force Flex 25ct,Draw Tall Kitchen 40ct,Quick Tie 80 ct,Force Flex Ds Tall Kitchen 38ct,Force Flex Order Shield 34 ct,Drawstring Tall 45ct,Drawstring Trash 28ct $5.99 ( STORE IVC FEB BOOK $1.00)

Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent BOGO $6.99

Excedrin 20-24ct Tablets,Caplet, Express Gel, 2/$5.00 ( Menstruel Complete is Generating $2RR

Colgate Toothpaste: Max Fresh Total Max White 6oz,ToothBrush Clean Meduim #37,Soft #36,...$2.49

Entire Line of Nature Bounty Vitamin & Supplement,BOGO

Entire Line of Gold Seal Vitamins & Supplement,BOGO

Entire Line of Osteo Bi-Flex, BOGO

Entire Line of Move Free,BOGO

Entire Line of Osuvite,BOGO 50% (Store IVC, $2.00 Feb Book)

Arm & Hammer T/P 6oz Assorted Variety,BOGO

Walgreen, Hydrogen Peroxide 3% ...3/$1.00

Walgreen Potting Soil 8lb.....$.99

Smooth Diaper Baby Wipes 77-80ct or Training Pants BOGO 50% off

American Value Packet Garden Flower or Garden Vegetable ...5/$1.00 (Store IVC)

Prevacid 24 Hr Value Packet 15mg Capsules 28ct...$21.99 (Store IVC $3.00)

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