Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pampers Points

Here is a list of Pampers Gifts to Grow points. It should give you a total of 534 points. These codes do expire but they seem to last way longer than the Huggies points. It does take a lot of points to redeem something but if you have to buy diapers and wipes you might as well get something back from them. Especially since now the Caregivers Market Place no longer offers cash back on Huggies products. Which is very upsetting! I figure I have close to a year on using Pull Ups maybe less if I get lucky and was looking forward to the 75 cents back per pack.

Pampers Gifts to Grow program has changed but they finally got their website working correctly. I recall when they first changed over I not only lost all my points (which they never gave me back) I also was unable to log in for 3 months straight. They also no longer charge shipping aside from Shutterfly items.

3/12/10 Promotion Code OHAMANDAAWGTG08 10
3/12/10 Promotion Code WELCOMEBONUS089 10
3/12/10 Promotion Code THRIFTYMOMMYGTG 10
3/12/10 Promotion Code WELCOME2VILLAGE 10
3/12/10 Promotion Code WELCOME2GTG0809 10
3/12/10 Baby-Dry 4RNK9RJ7NCVR3YV 20
3/12/10 Baby-Dry 4RNK9RJXVR747YF 20
3/12/10 Baby-Dry 4PDTPJCTCCPN7H6 20
3/12/10 Baby-Dry KDMDXKYVPRV9WDY 20
3/12/10 Baby-Dry 4K6CMHW434CYMMR 20
3/12/10 Baby-Dry 4KHR6FYM3K43T97 20
3/12/10 Baby-Dry VJ3D7K49N6CRRHH 24
3/12/10 Baby-Dry MDVV9X4MHH4MCXV 20
3/12/10 Baby-Dry DJJ3FJCMCJGHMVD 20
3/12/10 Baby-Dry MDVV9WYMDFNTH9P 20
3/12/10 Baby-Dry 4KCMWTXRMFXPXFK 20
3/12/10 Store Checkout Coupons BRYG3M6KN9JJRHR 30
3/12/10 Cruisers 46XX6R7JYVK7HPP 36
3/12/10 Cruisers VNVYWHTPPDKYK66 54
3/12/10 Promotion Code JOINTHEFUNGTG09 10
3/12/10 Promotion Code STARTEARNINGNOW 10
3/12/10 Promotion Code XKCMYXFVD96VXVK 10
3/12/10 Promotion Code GROWWITHVILLAGE 10
3/12/10 Promotion Code JUSTBECAUSE2009 10
3/12/10 Promotion Code GRATUIT89102009 10
3/12/10 Promotion Code WELCOME2GTG2010 10
3/12/10 Promotion Code GTGTEAMUSA2010 30
3/12/10 Promotion Code GTGPLAY2USA2010 30
3/12/10 Promotion Code MARFACEBOOK2010 10

You might want to periodically check to see if there are any coupons to print out for your Pampers products.

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