Friday, May 7, 2010

What are You Getting Your Mother ?

My mother's birthday is close to Mother's Day so this year she decided she wanted to celebrate them both together. Which makes things easier I suppose.

Here is everything my son and I have gotten her for her bday and Mother's day (you will see loads of items from my drugstore purchases!):

Maxwell House Coffee (from the Avatar deal at CVS - which will be a bday present for my sister)

Robe (from CVS - which will come in handy next winter)

Razors (from this week's deal at Wags)

2 Nivea Body Washes (from this week's CVS deal)

Coffee Mug Set with Tray (from Kmart's after Christmas sale)

Reach Toothbrush (from either a Wags or CVS sale)

2 Various Deodorants (from either a Wags or CVS sale)

Green Food Storage Containers (Big Lots)

2 Sally Hanson Nail Polishes (remember that awesome wags sale?)

Benadryl Itch Relief Stick (Walmart using that $5 off 2 coupon which makes them both free plus overage)

Kodak DVD (bogo with bogo coupon CVS last week that caused so many issues)

Luzianne Tea Bags Large Box (bogo at Publix before)

Ideal sugar substitute (free coupon)

Box of Chocolate Covered Cherries

Frames (that were on clearance at Wags for $2.50 for 3 frames) with photos of my son that I had taken at Picture People Studios located at Walmart (which I will pick up tomorrow - can't wait!!!). I might pick her up something else while I am there if something catches my eye.

As you can see I don't really purchase the usual bday and Mother's Day presents. I used to buy her loads of perfume etc. but then I noticed that most of the items I bought her were still in their boxes/bags a year later (even if it was something she wanted). So now I buy her things that she uses all the time (shampoo, body wash, razors, deodorant, coffee, tea etc.) which may seem weird but at least I know she will use them and my money didn't go to waste.

* Edit (May 08)- I also bought her a really nice foam type kitchen mat with roosters on it at Walmart. It is really nice and thick. Might have to go back and buy one for myself.

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