Saturday, July 31, 2010

Received my Puritans Pride Order Yesterday

As usual it was packed really well. I love, love ordering from them. My son is having loads of fun with the box and packing peanuts too! They are still having their buy 1 get 2 free sale and it is good until the end of September so you still have time to order.

Last night I tried the following to help me sleep (you may have read a previous post about me having severe insomnia) :

SELENIUM 50 mcg.
INSOMNIA RELIEF only took 2 of the recommended 4 tablets

I slept somewhat. Way more than I expected. I woke up about 4 times and was up permanently at 7:30. This is way better than I do even on Ambien. I will try the same mixture tonight and see if it was just a fluke or not. I figure I will do this on the nights where I don't have to work in the morning and use my regular medicine on the nights where I do have to wake up for work. If things progress (knocks on wood) then I will finally be able to say good bye to my usual sleep aid. Yay!! I feel normal today just the usual drowsiness but not real bad and no weird hangover type feelings. So that is good!! Let's hope this works!!

Doctor's Trust 250x250

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