Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Got Loads of Goodies this Week

So many of my orders came in this week already.

I received the following items from Amazon:

Lost Complete Series (oh how I had wanted this so badly! I splurged and bought it when it was $99)

Lord of the Rings Parts 2 and 3 (finally will get to see these, have only seen the 1st)

Office Space and Ice Age the Meltdown (Office Space is such a great movie!)

Harry Potter 1-6 DVD set (this will be fun to watch with my son)

Coby4GB MP3 Player (will fiddle around with it this weekend and let you know)

Then I already got my Children's Place order.

I am sure my neighbors think I am insane with UPS and FedEx coming so many times this week. And I still have more on the way!

After the holidays die down some I am going on a spending freeze. It has just been so hard with so many good deals lately!

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