Sunday, July 10, 2011


So recently I had an issue (I think a storm fried them both even though I have a surge protector) with both my modem and my Vonage phone adapter (router). I was able to go to the cable company and get a replacement for my modem. So I was once again able to go online but I could not get my router to work. I sent my router back today and Vonage is sent me out a replacement today (which I should get in a couple of days - free of charge). I have been with them since 2004 I believe.

Well, my cell phone which is Virgin Mobile which is a pay as you go type (which is great for emergency use) costs 25 cents a minute and 7 cents a minute after that. I like it for the fact that I use it for emergencies (calling AAA for instance) and that I only have to add $20 every 3 months. But if I have to use it to call the cable company when my modem is not working it sucks cause I am on the phone for at least 20 minutes but again that normally does not happen to often. Well, of course this week was a week I needed the use of a phone constantly (I am not a phone person at all so I can go without a phone for long periods of time (days etc.). Unfortunately, I HAVE to make an EXTREMELY important call and today was trying to make it and all the wait times were anywhere from 38 minutes up to 60 so minutes! So yeah my cell phone so isn't going to work for that. So I went and bought magicJack from Office Depot today.

That was back in May and I have been using it ever since. I did get my Vonage back but I haven't gotten around to hooking it back up. Though that is because I have a hard drive to installed and replace ethernet adapter and I didn't want to have any issues. A friend was supposed to install both but has been MIA ever since so now I have to try and do it. The ethernet thing should be simple it is the hard drive that is making me nervous.

Not saying that MagicJack is 100% perfect though. You do have to actually be online while using it. I would advise against browsing online while on the phone because it will make voices kind of echo and sound funny. But as long as you just talk while on the phone and don't play around on your computer there is no issues. If you are not online your calls will go to voicemail. For basically 40 bucks a year it is a good investment. Of course if your internet is not working well then you are out of luck.

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