Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Free After Rebate (Possible) Christmas Presents!

First go here to here and sign up for a free account. Then while you are on that site search for Walmart (this way you will get 3% back on your purchase- which means you will possibly make money off your purchase). Then on Walmart's site search for Venus Spa Breeze Holiday Gift Set Caddy. Look for the one that is $9. It has free shipping but that is not the best part - when you receive this item it comes with a free subscription to Allure magazine but you can opt out and instead get a $9.99 refund! Limit 1 per person/household.

I bought 2 and will just fill out the other form with my mothers info and let her have the $9.99.

Here is my order:

Venus Spa Breeze Holiday Gift Set Caddy with Bonus Free Allure Subscription for 1 Year. Value $23.00 Qty 2 Mon 9/26/11 to Wed 9/28/11

Item Total: $18.00
Shipping: Free
Tax: $1.26

Total for this Shipment: $19.26

So I will actually make 72 cents off of ordering both of these (well, my mother and myself will be sharing that 72 cent profit!) but I will also get 3% back on the $19.26 from going through this link. Which means I will make approximately 58 cents (I think - my math could be wrong). Yes, it isn't much but they won't send me a check for awhile so I could possibly buy other items from elsewhere going through their links and get more money back.

So now I have 2 Christmas gifts bought and I can cross those off my list.

Mr. Rebates

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