Friday, September 9, 2011


I decided to go to Target to buy some graph paper for school. Well, I ended up spending close to $115! But I did buy loads of stuff and some large items too.

Here goes:

small room ac unit 5000bc $57.48 (I figured this would probably be the cheapest I would ever find one)

desk chair $9.98 (granted it is pink but still I desperately needed a chair and it turned out to be rather comfy!)

2 - tower fans @ $6.24 each (I have never seen them this cheap)

small metal personal/desk fan $4.88 (works quite nice)

Hot Shot Bug Spray $2.78 (probably not that great of a price)

Neutrogena foaming pads bonus twin pack $2.48 (realized it is for that cleaning device they sell - oh well)

Clean and Clear Blotting Papers twin pack $1.98 (I love these but am generally too cheap to buy them)

2 sets of Clean and Clear Acne Wash twin packs with bonus trial size sample $2.48 each

2 sets of Clean and Clear blackhead eraser scrub twin packs $1.98 each

Revlon emery boards $1.47

Revlon lash and brow groomer $3.99

3 Composition books @ 20 cents each

4 refill filler papers @ 37 cents each

2 graph paper notebooks @ 75 cents each

5 notebooks @ 10 cents each (going to go back and buy 10 more today)

cottonelle wipes $2.24 (free coupon was about to expire)

Only used 2 coupons:

$5 off any 2 Revlon Beauty Tools catalina
free cottonelle wipes

Total after taxes and coupons $114.73

I will not have to buy facial cleansers for hopefully 2 years with all of these and all of the Biore ones that I bought awhile back. Also after going back today to buy more notebooks I am hoping that I will be good for at least this entire year of college (3 semesters). Would be nice if they would also last me another 3 semesters. I think I have about 17 of them so far. I am already on a second one for Algebra class and it is only 3 weeks in!!

Other than that I have not really been shopping. I pretty much have used up all of my Extra Care Bucks and haven't really been shopping there or anywhere lately. I am using up our stock pile and it hasn't even made a dent in it! I am just buying groceries but only items we absolutely need and when there is a good deal ($10 off coupon or $10 gift card with a certain purchase). We have a tiny fridge and freezer so can't stock up too much. Also have no cabinet space and a very tiny kitchen. But we do have certain food items stockpiled for awhile.

I look at it this way the ac unit was originally more than my entire total!! Almost like I bought the ac unit and got everything else for free!!!

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