Friday, April 20, 2012

Looks very different this is the new blogger or at least the new way it looks when you are composing your post. Anyhoo....I have been watching so much tv or I should say Roku it isn't even funny. I finished last week all of my assignments and tests (aside from 1 test which is not open yet) so I have had this week off. I would love to say I accomplished a whole bunch of stuff but alas I have not. I have been super duper lazy and have pretty much just watched loads of movies and am trying to get somewhat caught up on House. I have watched some interesting movies lately on Netflix (I am canceling after my 1 month is up - which I had to pay for since I had Netflix before- figured once school starts up again I won't have anytime to watch so why pay for it??). Here is some of the movies I have watched lately: In My Sleep -pretty good if you can get past the ridiculous shirtless moments - do guys really think girls like that look? ick The Shrine -somewhat scary not bad Inside Out - just finished watching this and it was quite good The Clinic - not a bad thriller High Lane - I hate dubbed over voices so it was hard to watch - also they didn't really need to turn it into a slasher film it would have been good if they had left it as a climbing trip gone wrong Carrie 2002 version - not bad for a remake Animal Farm - I watched this with my son and we both enjoyed it. Obviously, my son didn't exactly understand it but one day he will. The Passion of the Christ - talk about a massive tear jerker - even if you are not religious this is a gut wrenching movie Last of the living - was o.k. I suppose The Joneses - interesting concept Walk Like a Man - hadn't seen this since I was 14 and even today I think this movie had some really funny parts. My son liked it too. Gone - pretty decent thriller Sadly, I have watched all of these in less than 2 weeks. Like I said I have been super lazy. It is nice to not have loads of papers to write for school. So nice. I don't see an option for spell check on here and well, I took my medicine to sleep so you will have to deal with any bad spelling mistakes.

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