Friday, April 27, 2012

A's and B's = Bad Student Apparently

I took my last final exam and I got a 100% on it!!! So so far since I started college I have gotten all A's and B's. Which is why I am beyond upset that they are holding a class against me from almost 15 years ago that I had been told would not count because I was not a degree seeking student (they did not have my transcripts and was considered a non degree seeking student). I went to that class 2 times and discovered it so was not what I signed up for (it was a computer programing class and NOT a how to use computers class like I had been told). Thanks to the misinformation (as in told that class would not count and that class was a how to class) I have not been eligible for Pell grants and Student loans because of GPA and completion ratio. Completely sucks that I am being treated like I am a poor student (as in grades) when clearly this is NOT the case.

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