Friday, February 22, 2013

It's a Sad World We Live In

Here is a copy of a job posting. These are just some of the highlights. The salary ($13,000 yes, 13 thousand) equals to way less than min. wage and rent/housing here is very expensive here.


Base Pay : $13,000 /Year
Employee Type : Full-Time

Typical work hours vary between 8AM and 7PM. Job may require additional hours. Work hours may change at Management’s discretion with or without prior notice. Must have flexible schedule with ability to work evenings and weekends.

You would have to have a second job just to make ends meet. Though that would be difficult because of the hours and the fact that it sounds like your hours would change at a drop of a dime possibly with no notice. Also today there is no such thing as job security so working hard and working your way up doesn't happen anymore. As soon as they can they will get rid of you and hire someone cheaper or if they can send it overseas. It really leaves one with a very bad taste in their mouth.

I'm amazed it doesn't require a Bachelor's Degree since pretty much every job requires one these days. I don't know how many jobs I see that requires one and at max they want to pay you a whopping $13hr (if that).

I am in school now and I won't lie I am absolutely terrified about my future thanks to companies not wanting nor willing to pay a livable wage. It was so much easier in my parent's time they actually had a chance.

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