Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Review

O.k. I am one of those people who hate buying something and then getting it and realizing I do not like it. I generally look for reviews online before I buy certain products but I don't always do.

My first review is on something that was actually kind of pricey and was something I would normally not pay that kind of money for.

I bought a Bare Minerals kit and paid about $75 after shipping. Again I never allow myself to spend that kind of money especially now since I am a mother. But I wanted something nice for myself for just once so I bought this.

First off - if you have oily skin this product will not be matte enough for you.
Second - if you need full coverage this product will not be for you.
Third - the bristles on the brush get all over you even up your nose! lol
Fourth - the informercial says you can return after 60 days but when you call them it is actually only 30 days.

I still use it and I bought it about 5 months back (it was a gift to myself) and I still have to use my powder after I apply it. It takes me twice as long to put my makeup on now (before I just used this powder I buy that has very high pigmentation) but I will say the product is kind of fun to use but truthfully I have not noticed a change in my skin or anything else. I still have oily skin and I still get the occasional breakout.

Overall I think the product is a waste of money. Before buying any I would see if a friend has some that you could test out first or buy it in a store that has a good return policy ( I think CVS lets you return opened makeup - although I don't know if they sell it).

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Johanna said...

I have never tried the Bare Essentials. I also thought it was too way pricey. I have a hard time spending more than $20 on a pair of shoes for me! Mary Kay came out with their own Mineral powder and it is only $18(with FREE shipping). PLUS, Mary Kay has a 100% satisfaction guarantee - even 90 days later. I have oily skin and don't have an issue as long as I use the oil mattifier prior to my foundation.