Thursday, September 18, 2008

Make $1 back on each pack of Huggies

This is directed towards caregivers but they also give you money back for buying baby diapers (Huggies only). Everytime you buy Huggies save your receipt after you have purchased at least 5 packs send in your receipts plus the form (it is online) and they will send you a check. You get $1 back per pack. Yeah, you won't get rich but if you send it say 10 receipts that is pretty much enough for another pack of diapers!

Go here

Hints for saving on diapers (these are things I do):
use coupons
only buy when they are sale (and stock up)
wait until CVS or Walgreens has some promotion where you get either CVS bucks or Walgreen bucks back (and of course use your coupons on that purchase)
then when you have your CVS or Walgreens bucks wait until they are on sale and use those plus coupons to buy more diapers (I do this all the time)
FYI - with Walgreens bucks your # of coupons can not outweigh how many items you are buying (I try to buy a candy bar or something else cheap so I can use 1 diaper coupon plus the Walgreens bucks on my purchase)
Buy Huggies and then save the receipt to get a buck back later on

In my local Walgreens they had one of those machines in the baby aisle that had $1 off Huggies and they are currently on sale for $9.99 and you get a $2 off coupon back with your purchase.

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