Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fabric Softner Sheets - DIY

Here's how:

Make your own -

You will need the following:
tupperware container (medium to large size) with lid
liquid fabric softner
wash clothes, towels or other material that will not leave lint

Mix 1 part fabric softner to 2 parts water
Cut material into 6x3 pieces (or whatever size you want really)
Put material into tupperware (with the liquid mixture)
Take out a piece (as needed) and squeeze out any excess liquid
Dry with clothes (afterwards put piece back in tupperware to use again)

Reuse your old ones -

Tupperware container with lid
Liquid Fabric Softner
Used Dryer Sheets

Pour fabric softner in container and add your dryer sheets
dry them out to use

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