Thursday, October 2, 2008

Today's Loot!

I will update with links later on tonight or tomorrow. Super long post so I am going to do it in shifts.

2 books from here it is one of those member deals but it isn't so bad. Books are only 9.95 with free shipping and you get your first book free and can quit after you buy 3 books.
I got Curious George and Friends Favorite Stories and Encyclopedia of the Presidents and Their Times. Both of these are for my son.

Sample of some mints to advertise Ford's new vehicle Flex.
TV Guide (free subscription)
Inc. Magazine (free subscription)
Cosmopolitan (free subscription)
Interview (free subscription)
Working Mother (free subscription)
Better Homes and Gardens (free subscription)
Parenting (free subscription)
Esquire (free subscription)
Parent & Child (free subscription)
Star (free subscription)

Free sample of Bounce
Free 2 week sample of Nature Made Multi Vitamins for Her (actually came in a bottle)
DVD of Obsession which I believe is the dvd with all the controversy about Iraq (I will let you know)
Coupons from Publix Baby Club
Free Medela BPA free Baby Bottle
Free full size of Secret Clinical Sport Deoderant
Free coupon for Pillsbury Sweet Rolls 1 can
10 - $1 off coupons for Pillsbury Flaky Twists

3 pack of Tampax Pearl

FYI - I did not check my mail for 1 week.

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