Sunday, January 11, 2009

Search and Win Links

Here are some search and win links for you to use.

I would be very, very wary of using Luckaroo. I won $5 on it about 3 months back and never got it and never have gotten any actual response back any of the numerous times I emailed them. I get the automated response and that is it. Still have not gotten my winnings. So again I would advise against signing up for that one.

Here are some others to use instead:

I have won 18 swag bucks in just 2 weeks here. (Swag bucks you can trade for items)

I haven't won anything here yet but it is from a reputable company.

Another one I have yet to win at but is legit.

And another one where I have yet to win.

I need to start using all of them instead of google so I can start winning gift certificates.

Why not join with me? Then we can both win!!


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