Saturday, January 31, 2009

Want to exercise your brain a little?

I decided I wanted to test myself and keep my brain fresh. lol (See posts below for samples etc. I will occasionally have posts devoted to other things you might find interesting. Feel free to leave comments letting me know if I should post these type of things on another blog.)

I found some sites that have various type of testing (I will add to this as I find more).

Jefferson HS this is to get a diploma. If you don't have your HS Diploma I would not recommend paying the $199 for this since no actual college would accept it. But the test is actually free and you can stop and continue as much as you want. You have to pay the $199 for the transcripts and diploma but hey, you can use the test to exercise your brain whether or not you have a hs dipolma or even college degree!! I plan to do alittle of this test every other day just to see what I remember and what I don't remember!!

SAT Prep Quiz - the quiz is free.

Brain Bench - they offer some free certifications. I need to start doing these. Nice to add to your resume maybe???

I had some others saved but cannot find them. As soon as I find them I will post them.

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