Monday, August 31, 2009

Target Trip # 1

They have some good printable coupons right now but you can only use one (of the same) per transaction. This is why I have a couple of trips this week. Of course Target is kind of picky with coupons like how Wags is so I hate shopping there though I like the store and products they carry. I am going to re email Corporate again and get an updated coupon policy to start taking with me.

Here's what I bought (my out of pocket was from a giftcard):

2 Rimmel Mascaras @ $2.24 ea = $4.48 (xmas gift bag presents)
Kandoo $1.99
Johnsons Head to Toe $3.14
Desitin $3.99
3 Glade Candles @ $3.19 ea = $9.57 (xmas presents)

Total before coupons and tax = $23.17

Coupons I used :
$2 off Rimmel
$2 off Rimmel
$1 Target coupon off of Johnsons
$1 Target coupon off of Kandoo
$1 Target coupon off of Desitin
.75 cents off Kandoo
$1 off Johnsons
$1 off Desitin
$3.19 Glade
$3.19 Glade
THEY DID NOT SCAN A $3.19 Glade :(

Total after coupons and tax = $9.33

I called them and I am going to stop by there later today and hopefully they will find the coupon and either give me the money back or the coupon back or refund 1 of the candles (I will bring one just in case).

After I get a refund the total will be $6.14

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