Thursday, June 10, 2010

Computer Issues Galore

I am hoping I can convince Bright House to send someone over to replace my modem very soon. I have been having issues pretty much since I got it. But they keep blaming it on my router since it is not theirs (Vonage) yet if I bypass the router (ie. don't use it and only have modem hooked up straight to computer) I still have issues. So it is obviously not the router which I have explained to them for over a year now. It is hard for me to post anything on here or even check my email it is so bad. I might get lucky and be able to use the computer for 15 minutes (if I am lucky - sometimes less than 5 minutes) before it does not work. Sometimes I will have to turn off my computer as soon as I start it cause it does not work.

Let's all cross our fingers that I can get it fixed next week or the following. This week is going to be hectic because I am house/animal sitting and also have to deal with issues at my storage unit (wall is falling apart). But I can not handle paying $48 a month not even being able to use my computer.

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