Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oil Spill

I have to say I get a tad ticked off when I think of this for numerous reasons. O.k. tad is an understatement. I can't type how I feel about it cause I would rather not put those type of words on my blog. The whole situation is beyond disturbing and I won't even get into it. But I will say I am beyond annoyed that every time some other country has some sort of crisis we (The United States) runs to their rescue. We have fundraisers, donations, telethons you name it to help them out. But when it comes to our own issues (homeless, jobless etc.) our country nor any other country seems to care or help. This oil spill is going to affect us for life. This isn't going to go away. Our Gulf Beaches will be ruined for pretty much the rest of our lives. How many animals, birds, fish, dolphins you name it have died or will be dying from it?? What about our water supply? Our food supply? This will affect a lot more than people are realizing. I will be looking into how and where to donate so hopefully some of you will try and do your part. I will be donating both my time and my money for this cause and I hope you all will do the same. I am sure most feel that it doesn't matter because they do not live on the Gulf Coast. But it does matter this is devastating on so many levels. This is a huge environmental disaster.

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