Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CVS Xmas 75% off

I noticed that all of my CVS stores have their Xmas stuff at 75% off right now. This is a very good time to stock up on Christmas items for next year. Think gift bags, gift tags, wrapping paper, boxed cards, holiday toys, ornaments, candy canes etc. I saw lots of cute stuff.

Also that Extreme Fit was marked down to 75% off (this is a generic Wii Fit) which means it is now $12.50 (down from $49.99) so now would be a good time to buy this if you had wanted it.

I noticed that all of my Walgreens no longer had any Christmas items. I got lucky at one store and got items at 75% off because of a mistake that the manager honored for me. But he told me that corporate only wanted the food items at 75% and the rest at 50% off then those items would be held back for next year. He said he would much rather just sell the stuff now but it was not up to him. But lucky for me a store employee had put up 75% off signs on all the Christmas stuff.

I have all my Christmas stuff for next year and have items that are reusable for years to come. I also have some clothes and shoes for my son for next year too. I am trying to stock up on items now while I am still working so come next Christmas when I am not working (and going to school full time) I won't have to worry about Christmas stuff. Though I will probably still buy some stuff here and there using ECBs and RRs.

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