Monday, January 24, 2011

Free $10 Credit to No More Rack

This is one of those daily deal type sites but instead of being say a restaurant or something it is an actual item. Like shoes, jewelry, baking ware etc. If you sign up without a referral link you get nada (like I just did) but if you use my referral link (by the end of this month) you will get a $10 credit which does not expire for 60 days. So you can get stuff for either free or very cheap. Each day they have 8 different deals.

Some of today's deals were the following:

Colin Stuart Leather Knee High Boot Regular Price $125. NoMoreRack Price $29!!

Buffalo Finnagan Jeans Reg. Price $118 NoMoreRack Price $24!

Healing Garden Organic Wild Honey Set Reg. Price $29.99 NoMoreRack Price $8!!

Shipping is only $2!! So if you find something for $10 then you can use your credit and only be out 2 bucks!!

Sign up here.
Then make sure you write down the gift code from the sign up page (it won't be available later for you to look at).
Then log in and go to your account.
Then click on redeem gift card.
Enter your gift code number that you wrote down and now you will have a $10 credit in your account (lucky you I got nada!)

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