Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Tad Disappointed at The Children's Place

If you have ever read this blog you know that I buy a large amount of my son's clothing from The Children's Place. Even though I buy 99% of it on clearance I still in the long run spend a lot of money there each year.

I joined their Place Perks a little while ago (received an email about joining it). Today I received my $10 off reward coupon via the mail (x amount in purchases you receive this- purchase must total a certain amount to receive). I got it today (the 18th) and it expires on the 29th of this month. Also it is only valid for store use and not online.

I have not even 2 weeks to use it and it has to be in store. I never go to the mall and only shop with them via online. It would be one thing if it was valid for at least a month but less than 2 weeks?

I will either have to completely go out of my way (I never go within even 5 miles of the mall - total other side of town that I never go to ever) or let it go to waste.


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