Monday, June 20, 2011

Factory Girl

This was a movie about Edie Sedgwick during the whole Andy Warhol Factory thing in the 60's. Lots of drugs and lots of sex. But maybe that is what the 60's were like? Not sure since I wasn't born until the 70's. It was an o.k. movie but there was a lot going on and very crazy paced. Though, I am sure this was to give you a feel of that time and that life. I thought the actor portraying Andy Warhol did a rather good job (but of course what do I know - I never met Andy Warhol). It was another sad movie about what drugs and alcohol can do to your life and how it can ruin you. Also I remember reading about how Andy Warhol seemed to use people and it shows in this movie (again never met him so I really don't know). I do enjoy Pop Art so I always liked his unique form of art. Also a big fan of Keith Haring. I won't lie I thought Hayden Christensen was absolutely gorgeous in this movie. He seemed to be portraying Bob Dylan though they just refer to him as "the musician" I guess there was a possible lawsuit if they would have said it was supposed to be him (something about it looks like she died because of him - which I would say it would have had more to do with Andy Warhol then Bob Dylan but that is just my opinion). Back to Hayden Christensen - his acting was so so but wow, he was extremely dreamy looking in this movie. I could stare at him for hours. lol More info can be found here about the movie "Factory Girl".

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