Friday, June 10, 2011

Please, Welcome Our New Addition!!

We have a new baby in our family. Yes, I know so many of the bloggers out there have recently welcomed a new baby in their family. So what makes ours so special? Well, he is a very cute baby. Yeah, yeah you say everyone thinks their babies are cute. No, really he is so cute. He was not planned (well, not more than a day of thinking if that) and we really don't have the space for him nor could we really afford him (I won't even tell you how much he cost and all his stuff cost - YIKES!!). But if we get rid of some stuff and sell some of our stuff (that we no longer use) then everything will be fine.

Today we welcomed a baby prairie dog into our family. He will cost us about $20 to $30 every 2 months I am guessing so we will have to make sure we sell that that much of our stuff every 2 months. Which shouldn't be too hard (hopefully). I also want to put about $200 in an account just for him for any vet bills down the line. So again I will try and get that money by selling our things we no longer need. Bonus it will make some more space in our home which we desperately need.

Again he wasn't exactly planned nor was he budgeted into our fiances but he was so cute and I didn't want to have to wait another year to buy one. They are kind of seasonal. I also didn't want to chance that they would once again be banned like they were years ago.

I just hope he makes a good of an addition as another one I had 13 years ago who was the best thing ever. Maybe this new one can somewhat fill that void that the other one left when he passed away. :(

I had been planning on buying my son a pet in a few years. I was thinking along the line of a gerbil or guinea pig but I am way much more happier and excited about a pdog!!! The greetings I will get when I come home everyday. Oh this is so exciting!!

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