Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Hate Being Sick

I am sick again. Every since I moved back into this apartment (used to live here a few years ago too) I have been back to being sick constantly. I know that it is the excessive mold problems in here. I moved out of here into a nicer place after I learned I was pregnant since I did not want to have issues with my pregnancy because of the extreme temperature conditions here (no central heat and air and very old insulation if any is even left). Unfortunately, where I ended up moving ended up changing owners and decided to up the rent by a few hundred dollars and yeah, being a single parent there was no way I could afford the increase. So I had to look for something within my budget. I kept looking but even the nastiest places were beyond my budget or they required you to make 5 times your rent (which I have never made lol). So I saw that my old place was available and knew that my landlord would be willing to lower the rent a tad since I had been a very good tenant and had lived there for 7 years. My mother had talked me into moving somewhere out of state with her so it would only be for 4 months that my son and I would have to live here. So I thought I could handle it.

Over a year later we are still here. My mother had decided against the move (but decided to not inform me) and bought herself a place to live (this was how I found out about not moving lol). S0 now I have been saving whatever I can back to move both me and my son out of state. Which has been hard since I have been getting sick so often. Then there is the whole getting someone to help us move. I cannot drive long distances because of some medical issues.

It really only seems like my bedroom has the most issues with the mold for some reason (I think the lack of sunlight it gets compared to the rest of the place). I did buy 2 air purifiers when I moved back in (could not find 1 single dehumidifier near me). But I cannot run anything 24/7 in this place because the wiring is rather old (house was built in 1900) and most of the rooms run on 1 single circuit.

But I am happy because I plan on using my Swag Points to take off $30 towards a $150 dehumidifier that I found on which I will be purchasing it next week (charge it) and then pay it off when I get my tax return back. So I am hoping that I will start feeling better soon.

On a total different note does anyone know why my keyboard only types like every other letter?Which is making this a very difficult post. lol

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