Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FYI - Watch Out When Using Coupons at Target

Most Targets have gotten new software in the past few months (not exactly sure when) and they will and should do the necessary adjusting of coupons that are worth more than the price of the item. But they are also sometimes adjusting other coupons that do not need adjusting. This has been happening all over the country. You can read about it on many online boards and blogs.

This has happened to me the last 3 times I have gone to Target. Which meant I had to get my coupons back and take them to Guest Services and stand in another line to get the situation fixed.

Here is what happened to me yesterday:

I bought the following items and used the following coupons (only listing items I used coupons with):
2 Bic Pens @ 99 cents each= $1.98 I used 1 Target $1 off of 2 and 1 Manufacture $1 off 2
3 Scotch Magic Tape @ 50 cents each = $1.50 used 1 $1 off 3 Manufacture

This is what happened:
Target coupon took off $1
Bic coupon took off 99 cents (should have only taken off 98 cents or Target coupon should have only taken off 99 cents)
Scotch coupon only took off 50 cents

As you can see I was shorted either 49 cents or 50 cents depending on how you look at it. I had other items that I bought so I did not catch it as everything was ringing up. But I did immediately look at my receipt and notice the mistake. I had to get back in line and get my coupons back and take to Guest Services and stand in another line and deal with a not so nice employee who took forever to "get it". I did get my money back for the coupon (50 cents). I even said I would be fine back with 49 cents since the one coupon did not adjust down (I always make sure I am super nice and honest when dealing with these issues).

Again this has happened 3 of the last 3 times I have gone to Target. So make sure you watch your coupons scan. I have read stories of how people have watched their coupons scan at 0. So be very careful. A good idea would be to bring a little notebook with you and as you are putting items in your cart and matching up coupons write down the coupon amount , the price of the item and what the item is so you can reference it. Also maybe even initial your coupons (so the cashier can easily find which ones are yours) and watch as they are being scanned. Yes, massive hassle but good idea to do until this gets fixed. I would also email customer service and let them know when you have issues so they see that this is countrywide.

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