Monday, August 16, 2010

Guitar Hero III for Wii only $12.50 at CVS

I saw it earlier on my trip to CVS and passed it up. Only to come home and keep thinking about it. I had $10.99 in ECBs and I am stocked up on just about everything that is a necessity and that I have room for. So I went back and bought it even though we currently do not own a Wii. Though I have to say I really want one bad! I am not a video game person at all but Wii looks super fun! I would love to have a Wii Fit. And I always thought that Guitar Hero seemed fun.

So hopefully, I can get a Wii in the next 4 to 6 months some how. I have been noticing that they are way cheaper now. Though too expensive for us.

Anyways check out your CVS to see is they have any on clearance. They were 75% off at my store.

I ended up paying $2.39 for it! Not too shabby!!

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