Friday, November 6, 2009

Want 40% Off Your Order at Kodak Gallery?

I am sure by now you have all received your $15 off code. But would you also like a code for 40% off your order? It doesn't expire until December 1st so it would be great for Xmas. You might even be able to use them together (not sure though).

I have some last minute cancelations for my Kodak party and will have some extra codes available. I would post them here but they are all different and I would hate for someone not to be able to use one because it was already used by another reader. So comment me with your email addy (I will not publish comments) and then I will email you a code (please check your spam and bulk folders for my email just in case).

Again it's a code for 40% off your order at Kodak Gallery. Expires 12/01/09.

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