Monday, February 14, 2011


Today I bought all of the following for less than 5 bucks:

2 Dove 6pks of soap $6 each = $12
2 CVS Cotton Swabs 500ct $1.89 each = $3.78
2 Dove Deodorants @ $2.99 each = $5.98
2 Listerine 500ml/16oz @ $3.99 each = $7.98

Total before taxes and coupons = $29.74

Coupons and ecbs I used:

$2.00 off Listerine coupon
$2.00 off Dove Deodorant coupon
$2.00 off Dove Deodorant coupon
$1.00 off Listerine coupon
.75 cents off Dove soap
.75 cents off Dove soap

New total after taxes and coupons = $4.42!

I also got back $4ecbs for Listerine and $1 for my greenbag tag. I thought I would get $5ecbs for the Dove but the deodorant was not included so I need to spend $3 more to get my $5ecbs. I might go ahead and buy another 6pk of soap since this is the only kind of soap we use. I of course will use ecbs and a coupon on it to make it cheaper.

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