Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Cleaning and Identity Theft

If you are like me you have tons of papers laying around your house with personal information on them. Papers that you have no use for but fear someone else getting their hands on them. I will admit I do not own a paper shredder. I want one badly but have yet to get around to purchasing one (I will admit I am cheap and have yet to find one that I am willing to pay for). If money were no issue for me I would buy the best one that I could find. I recycle every piece of paper that I can (that does not have my personal info on it) but have so much paper at home that I desperately need to shred. I sometimes will tear up the papers into very small pieces and then throw them in the trash but I feel super guilty since I am not recycling them. I actually just about 10 minutes ago took out 2 small boxes of papers to get recycled and put them in my truck. But I have so much more that I would love to recycle.

I personally just found out about this shredder : Fellowes P-12C Paper Shredder and I am telling you I want one badly! It shreds a piece of paper into almost 399 pieces!! Identity thieves take that! It also uses cross cut action to shred your papers, credit cards, staples (yes, staples)and paper clips (in case you forget to take them off). Wow, talk about a super duper shredder. It also has SafeSense technology that disables the shredder if something comes to close to the paper shredding opening (this is great if you have kids or pets). It retails at $89.99 so it is kind of pricey but I won't lie I will be shopping around for one of these bad boys.

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