Monday, February 7, 2011

Power Rangers : Samurai Tonight!!

Remember The Power Rangers? Well, they are back! With an all new cast and new episodes. They will be debuting their new show on Nickelodeon tonight at 8pm EST. They then will be on regularly Sundays at noon. Did you know that it is in it's 19 season? That is mind boggling!

There is also an emPOWER movement that will launch right along with the Power Rangers.

What is emPOWER?

It helps provide kids and their parents with some of the tools they need to work together to "grow healthy kids and support healthy communities".

Some of the values that emPOWER stands for are the following:

Caring and Friendship
Teamwork and Cooperation
Standing for What's Right
Health and Physical Fitness

I know what my son will be begging me to watch every Sunday!

*This is a sponsored post (non paid post) and I am a member of the One2One Network.

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