Friday, March 18, 2011

Hooking Up Your TV to Your Computer

O.k. so I do not have a fancy new tv nor do I have cable (gasp!). In fact I do not get any channels at all even with that box thing (and an antenna connected to my tv) that was supposed to help (if you don't have an antenna on your roof chances are you won't get many or any channels).

My tv is actually a hand me down (a hotel was throwing it out) and according to the sticker on it it is from 2006. Which I am very surprised it is that new. The one before that is from about 1998. Not saying I would not just about kill for one of those pretty flat screen models but um yeah I can't afford it right now. It will have to wait. :(

So for the past couple of years I have been watching tv via the computer. Which is great and all but it kind of sucks since it isn't like I can lay on the couch while doing so. So I have been looking into finding a way to hook my computer up to my tv. Well, I finally did it!

This website ( really helped me out. When I had a question I emailed them and someone actually responded back to me (within a couple of hours no less!). They have step by step instructions depending on what kind of computer (desktop or laptop) and what kind of tv you have (crt or hd). Very good info that I highly recommend checking out first.

Here are the items I bought and how I hooked them all up. I bought everything from to make it easier and to use some of my gift cards. Prices listed are the going price as of 03/17.

Pro-Techgroup Premium GOLD Series VGA SVGA Monitor Projector Splitter cable - double shielded Gold plated to support higher Video resolutions $8.89 I highly recommend this so you don't have to constantly plug and unplug your VGA cord (this is what your monitor hooks up to your computer with). I actually bent some of the pins on mine! This will dim your computer screen a tad. You could unhook the cord going to your computer screen after you have everything up an running and o.k. on your tv. I choose to just deal with it. For me it is not that bad.

USB/AC for MP3 Players - White $2.26 This way I do not have to use an USB cord to hook up the converter box to my computer to power it. I would have had to buy a super long usb cord to do so. Also my computer is older (2006) and it does not charge my mp3 player so chances are it might not have worked anyways.

Cables To Go 40616 Velocity 3.5mm Stereo Male to Dual RCA Male Y-Cable (25 Feet, Blue) $15.25 I had bought 12 foot ones but they proved to be too short.

RCA Male / RCA Male, High Quality, Composite Video Cable, 25 ft $4.45

VideoSecu VGA2TV PC Laptop Mac Computer to TV Presentation Converter VGA to RCA /VGA to Video S-Video 1L7 $18.99 This is I guess you could say is the brain of all of this.

S-Video Cable 25 ft. Gold Plated $5.36 Depending on your video output on your tv or vcr/dvd player you may or may not need this.

Belkin F3H982-25 Pro Series High-Integrity VGA/SVGA Monitor Replacement Cable (25 ft.) $10.99

Yes, there will be loads of cords. But I am sure you could find some way to make them not so out in the open (like at my house where I trip all over them lol).

This is how you hook up everything:

*My tv does not have an S video hook up so I am also using my vcr/dvd player.

S - video cable connects to converter box plus vcr/dvd player or tv depending

Yellow rca cable connects to the converter box and to the tv (this cord was included with converter box)

stereo rca cables (red and white) connects to computer and tv you would plug this into your computer where your speaker plug goes

vga cable converter connects to vga splitter cord (connected to computer)

usb cord (included with converter box) connects to converter box and usb/ac(you could hook it up to your computer instead but I used this ac since I didn't have a long enough cord)

Also make sure the jumpers on the converter box are both down (for people in America at least).

My thoughts? So far I really like it. I am able to watch movies from Amazon (I purchased Amazon Prime) now on my computer and can also watch movies, tv shows etc. from any website now on my computer. I hate the million cords but I am going to hopefully soon spend some time rearranging things to make it not so annoying. I have a 2 month Netflix subscription (bday present from my sister) so I plan to be watching loads of movies soon while laying on my couch. lol

A lot of network tv stations have websites that allow you to watch their tv shows (like a week after it airs). There is also Hula, channel131, Amazon, Netflix etc. Some are free and some are not. I did pay $79.99 for Amazon Prime for 1 year which includes free 2 day shipping and they also offer some of their movies and tv shows for free to watch. Hula has free movies and tv shows also that you can watch online (though if you hook up your tv to your computer you can watch them on your tv too). is free and has loads of movies and tv shows.

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