Thursday, March 31, 2011

Movies I Bought at Blockbuster

These are some of the movies I bought at Blockbuster's going out of business sale (the past few weeks):

Labou (kid's movie - no clue)

Martian Child (super cute movie)

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo $4.99

The Girl Who Played With Fire $4.99

The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest $4.99

Goonies approx. $3.19*

Dirty Dancing (I LOVE this movie) approx. $3.19*

Choke (my sister said it was interesting)99 cents

Factory Girl (wanted to see it never did) 99 cents

Special (weird movie- review coming up later) 99 cents

Lars and the Real Girl (can't remember if I saw this or not) 99 cents

Henry Poole is Here (heard it was good) 99 cents

I (heart) Huckabees (can't remember if I saw this or not) 99 cents

Bart Got A Room (I seriously bought this BECAUSE of the photo of William H. Macy and his jerry curl - no lie - I will scan it later and post it- too funny!)
check out his jerry curl 99 cents

* Part of a deal that first week they were going out of business : movies were $9.99 but if you signed up for a free Blockbuster online trial you got one movie free and also that day they gave you a $5 credit to use towards your purchase.

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