Friday, March 4, 2011

What's Been Going On With Me Lately

Well, all sorts of stuff. Some good, some bad. My son and myself have been getting sick off and on. Though I suppose that is normal for this time of the year. Though I will say the one week I was so sick I could barely function. Not fun at all.

I took a horrid test for school the other day and even with the 5 million distractions I actually did o.k. (or atleast that was what I was told). Some of the 5 million distractions included : way too much yapping going on (I mean seriously it was driving me crazy!!) and the class bells going off (I don't remember them being that annoying). Seriously, I wanted to just get up and leave I was so distracted the entire time. Also the computer screen was giving me issues.

I start school next week. Though not where I thought I was going to. So now since there is apparently no parking I get to walk 10 blocks back and forth to school. Which might not be so bad if I did not sweat like a pig and have the absolute worst hair imaginable. So yeah I should look oh so cute by the time I walk into class. Not too mention that I will be out of breathe and sounding like one of those ducks (you know what I am talking about???). Yes, 10 blocks is going to kill me (yep, out of shape here!). I don't mind the actual walking if it weren't for the sweating, hair blowing all around and make up sliding off my face and then having to walk into a college with attractive, young, pretty people in it. Ya know? So needless to say I am not too thrilled. I also have no clothes that fit me aside from baggy t-shirts and jeans so I will be looking absolutely wonderful. I have also been breaking out. So I might as well go to school with a bag over my head so no one will see who is looking like a massive sweaty slob. Fun times ahead!

I am glad that I am finally getting this whole school thing over with. I mean don't get me wrong I am happy. I just wish I was not so completely repulsive while doing so. Why couldn't I just been born beautiful and rich?? If only.....

The walking would be fine if it was just for the exercise and not to actually get somewhere. I already planned on walking every morning but now I won't have to since I will be for school.

I also just as of today bought some items that will allow me to hook up tv and computer so I can watch anything that I can from the computer on my tv. I will let you know the items and how easy it was or not and if it works after I get them. But it cost $51.55 minus $5 swagbucks amazon gift card = $46.55. Then I decided to go ahead and do the Amazon Prime for $79.99 a year (immediately canceled the auto renewal) so I could also stream all the movies for free from Amazon (which is now included in the Amazon Prime - not the free trials though). So not only will I for the next year get an upgrade of free 2 day shipping I also get unlimited Amazon Instant Video. Which boils down to $6.67 each month which is cheaper than Netflix.

Yesterday I stopped at a Blockbuster that was going out of business. The prices were still high ($9.99 for used dvds) though they had a deal going on : sign up at the store for a free month trial of Blockbuster online and receive 1 used movie from the store, $5 gift card to use right then, and a free rental at another Blockbuster (which happens to be by my house). So I bought 2 movies: The Goonies and Dirty Dancing for 7 something. Oh I also bought a bag of chips (which is odd since I never eat chips -I am talking maybe 1x in 2 or 3 years). So I will cancel the account a day before the free trial is up. I really wanted both of those movies so I figure that is not a horrid price for both. Hopefully, by next week they will have their movies cheaper. I made out pretty good when Hollywood Video was going out of business last year.

FYI - Amazon Prime users can watch 5000 (actually 2,236 - they count each episode) movies and tv shows for free. I personally do not feel the selection is all that great. The better and newer movies you still have to pay to watch. Keep this in mind if you are considering getting it just for the movies. If so, it is not comparable to Netflix. Now if you are planning on buying loads of things from Amazon and you would prefer 2 day shipping then the addition of the movies and tv shows you can watch for free is a nice bonus when getting and paying for Amazon Prime. As of this moment I am very disappointed and wish I would have looked into it a bit more. Maybe I will change my mind after I get the devices in the mail to connect to my tv. Granted, who knows what the movie selection will be like in a couple of months or even 6 months.Hopefully, it gets better.

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