Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do You Have a Hollywood Video?

If so you may want to go and check it out. They are going out of business (which seems to be the norm these days) and well they are selling everything in the store (including displays).

I went yesterday and bought way too much. haha I bought 12 movies and 4 packs of Terminator trading cards for $45.

I meant to put one of the movies back but since I was with my son I was beyond distracted. But I did get my son a total of 3 movies (2 of which will be put in his Easter basket - Wiggles and Thomas the Train) and the 4 packs of trading cards (he likes robots and monsters) which will also go in his Easter basket.

I will probably check them out again next week (if they are still there?) to see if they slashed the prices even more. Not that I need to spend any more money but....

I was pretty happy I bought some movies that I really like including: The House of Yes and The Rules of Attraction. I haven't seen either of these movies in many years so I am looking forward to watching them again. That is whenever I have a free moment and time away from my son of course! My son is pretty happy with his Spiderman cartoon collection too!

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