Monday, March 8, 2010

Grey Hair?

I unfortunately started getting grey hair at a very early age. I am now way more grey than I would like to be (not that I want any grey hair at all). Before it was a tad bit more easy to maintain whereas now it is a massive pain in the butt. I have to dye my hair so much that the condition of my hair is absolutely horrid. I tried going darker no luck. I tried going lighter again no luck. Though the lighter my hair was the easier it was to not notice the greys though of course you could still see my roots. It was a no win situation. I tried various things like Fancy Free (?) and all of those other things to mask grey hair. I bought dyes especially for grey hair and add ins to add to your dyes. Still no luck. After a few days I would start seeing the greys again. I tried to just use the non permanent dyes so they would be less damaging but they didn't cover the grey.

But I am still determined to find a way to cover the grey and hopefully not damage my hair beyond repair. I recently just starting using Grayban by Verseo. Does it work? I kind of am thinking it does. Or maybe I am just imaging it. But it does seem like certain strands are becoming darker. Granted, right now my hair is about 4 different colors lol. I have the grey hair, the roots, and 2 different dyed colors. Last time I dyed my hair only the bottom half took so I had to redye the top and now well the bottom has faded and the top isn't as faded as the bottom. Yes, it is a mess. haha

I have only used it for 3 or 4 days so far and it says that you will have about 82% less grays in 28 days so we will see. I am going to try and not dye my hair while I test this product out. I am really hoping that it works. And I am curious to see how it works when you use it as a touch up when you dye your hair. It is rather pricey at $19.95 a bottle but if it works then it will be worth it.

So I will be updating you all on this and let you know if it works. Have you found anything to work for you?????

***I bought this with my own money and am not getting paid or anything for this review. I just wanted to try this and figured maybe someone out there was also curious about this product. So I will either help someone decide to buy it or help someone decide to go ahead and save their mula.

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