Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don't Forget !!

You can print coupons right from my blog. Look to the side of my blog and you will see various widgets. There is one for and also one for RedPlum. It is best to get your coupons printed at the beginning of the month before they all go bye bye. I also added the links in this post for you.

Right now there are some good ones to mention:

Huggies $2 off and Johnsons Baby Products for $1 off
Coupons Inc.

Johnsons Baby Products for $1 off

Since both sites have the Johnsons then you can print a total of 4 from each computer you have. You are allowed to print 2 coupons (of the same) from each home/computer. So don't forget to print 2 of each coupon you use!

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