Saturday, March 13, 2010

Walgreens 03/14

Buy Participating Vicks Product receive RR, Buy $15 Get $5RR,Buy $20 or More Get $10 RR.......

Cold/ Cough Soothing Vapor Plug in /Pads 5 ct
Cold/Cough Vapor Pad 6 ct
Nyquil Liquid orginald 6o
Vapor Rub Jar 1.75oz
Dayquil & Vitamins C Caplet 10ct
44 Cough Cold PM Berry Liquid 6oz
Dayquil Liquid Gel + Vitamin C 20ct
Dayquil Liquid Gel + Vitamin C Caplets 10ct

Get $3RR WYB $10 or More Of Participating Band-Aid Benadryl,or Neosporin Products..........Coupon in Sunday paper 2/21 $3.00 off When buy 2 neosp/Bandaid

Neosporin Sale Price $4 ( Week Only)

Neosporin Max Str Plus Ointment .5oz
Neosporin Ointment .5oz
Neosporin Max Strenght Plus Cream .5oz
Neosporin To Go Anti-Spray .27oz

Bandaid Sale Price $3. (Week Only)

Bandaid Antibacterial Decorated Assorted 20 ct
Bandaid Antibacterial Assorted 20 cts
Bandaid Bandage Flexiable Fabic 30 ct
Bandaid Antibacterial Bandage XL 8ct
Bandaid Tough Strip 4408 20ct
Bandaid Bandage Flex Fabic XL 10ct
Bandaid Flexiable/Fabic or Assorted 30ct
Bandaid Waterblock XL Finger or Assorted 20ct
Bandaid Tough Strip Waterproof XL 10ct
Bandaid Tough Strip Waterproof AOS 20ct
Bandaid Clear Waterblock Plus Assorted 30ct
Bandaid Tough Strip XL 10ct

Benadryl Sale Price $4 (Week Only)

Benedryl Ready Mist .2oz
Benedryl Cream Originald Strenght 17162...1oz
Benedryl Cream Xl/Strenght 17167...1oz

Get $2 RR WYB 2 or More Participating Crest Pro Health Extra White Plus Scope,Outlast Toothpaste,Scope Mounthwash or Oral-B Cross Action Toothbrush ...Sale Price 2/$7.00 (Week Only)

Scope Outlast MV Mint 25.4oz
Scope Outlast Peppermint 25.4oz

Crest T/Q Whtiening + Scope Outlast 7.6oz
Crest T/P Whitening + Scope Mint 7.8oz
Crest Pro Health NT Paste Clean Mint 7.8oz
Crest Pro Health T/P Cinnamon 7.8oz

Oral-B T/P C/act Pro Health 40 Medium
Oral-B T/P Cross Action Large 60 Medium #56
Oral-B T/B C/act Large 60 soft #53
Oral-B T/B C/act Reg 40 med #55
Oral-B T/B C/act Reg 40 Soft #52

Crest Pro Health T/P Whitening C/Mint 7.8oz
Oral T/B C/act Pro Health 40 Soft

Special Note * Following Items is FREE After RR

Get $4RR WYB 1 Participating Colgate Total Advanced,Enamel Strength or Sensitive Toothpaste

Colgate Sale $3.99 (Week ONLY)

Colgate Total T/P Advanced Whitening Paste 5.8oz
Colgate Total T/P Clean Paste 5.8oz
Colgate Total T/P Clean Gel 5.8oz
Colgate T/P Sensitive Enamel Protection 6oz
Colgate Total Toothpaste Enamel Gel 5.8oz
Colgate T/P Sensitive 6oz

Get $5RR WYB 2 or More Participating Sudafed,Benadryl,Tylenol,or Zyrtec Products...

Benadryl Child Allergy Fast Melts Cherry 18ct
Benadryl Chid Allergy Perfect Measure 10ct .17oz
Benadryl Child Allergy Liquid Grape 4oz

Zyrtec 24 Hour 10mg Tablet 14ct
Zyrtec 24 Hour 10 mg Liquid Softgels 12ct
Zyrtec D 12 Hour Tablets 12 ct 120 mg/Dose

Sudafed PE Nighttime Cold Caplets 20ct
Sudafed PE Triple Action Caplets 24c

Benadryl Allergy Kapgel 24ct
Benadryl Child Allergy Cherry Liquid 4oz

Sudafed PE Sinus Allergy Tablet 24ct
Benadryl Severe Allergy Sinus Headache 20ct
Sudafed PE 10mg Tablet 18ct
Tylenol Child Plus Cold-Multi-Sympton Grape 4oz
Sudafed PE Child Decongestant Raspberry 4oz
Sudafed PE Child/Cough Caplet 2ct
Zyrtec 24 Hour Dye Free Grape 4oz
Sudafed Nasal Mist Sinus/Congestion .5oz
Sudafed D Child/Decongestion Liquid 4oz 15mg/Dose
Tylenol Allergy Multi-Sympton Rapid Release Gel Caps 24ct
Tylenol Severe/Allergy Caplets 24ct
Tylenol Cough/Throat Night Liquid 8oz
Tylenol Cold/Multi- Sympton Rapid Release Gelcap Daytime 24 ct
Tylenol Cold Severe M/S Daytime Caplets 24ct

Get $3 RR WYB 2 or More Participating Special K- Products

Sale Price 2/$9.99 (Week Only)

Special K- Protein French Vanilla 10oz 4pk
Special K- Dark Chocolate 1.5 9oz 6ct
Special K- Protein Double Chocolate 10oz 4pk
Special K- Chocolate/Peanut 1.59oz 6ct

Get $3RR WYB 2 or More Participating Green Tea Products...
Sale Price 2/$9.00 (Week Only)

Green Tea Peach Mango 12oz 4-pk This one you can really taste the mango,Green Tea Rapberry Acai 12oz

Get $5RR WYB $10 Participating Revlon Cosmetics or Implements* Note (week Only) Sale Price = 40% off Regualr price,Calculate your taxes respectively

Full Line Of Revlon Cosmetics And Implements

Get $3RR WYB 4 Or More Pepsi Products ...Regional Pricing Most Place 4/$13.00

Get $2RR WYB Any 1 Playtex sport or Gentle Glide Tampons-36ct....( Week Only) Price $6.99


Entire Line of Nature Bouny Vitamins & Supplement

BOGO Walgreen Line of Calcium Supplement
BOGO Schift or More Free Supplement
BOGO 2-24ct Excedrin Products
BOGO Entire of Thergran Vitamins
BOGO Entire of Gold Seal Vitamin & Supplement

BOGO 50% ICap Product

Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent BOGO or 2/$5.99

Palmolive Liquid Dish Detergent Assorted 0.99 cent
Reynolds Aluminum wrap 25ft ..89 cent

BOGO 50% Axe Hair Products

BOGO Entire Line Of Envy,Do Children,Studio 35, 5-Gear or Foster Sun Glasses

50% off Entire Line of Rimmel Cosmetics

Bic Brie Liner High Liter 5 pack. 49 cent (WIVC)

BOGO Blue Diamond Almond 6oz Canister

Arizona Tea Assorted 16oz-23oz .59 cent (WIVC)

Banquet Frozen Dinner Assorted .99 cent

Pepsi 2 Liter Assorted 4/5.00 Regional Pricing Varies

BOGO 50% Neutrogena Facial Care Products

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