Sunday, November 21, 2010

$10 off Hallmark Coupon

Ooohhhh this is a good one!!! Last year they had a $5 off one and that was wonderful!
FYI - Again this year they have the $5 off one in magazines.

You can go here to print the $10 off coupon for Hallmark stores. Coupon doesn't expire until 12/24/2010!!

Last year I bought really nice wrapping paper (4 rolls I think- I had 2 coupons). I have no clue what I will buy with the $10 coupon yet. I am very excited!

I went and found out my Hallmark store closed. :(

****Please do not be inconsiderate and print more than 2. I have seen on some other boards people are printing 10+. That is extremely rude and is very much so taking advantage of the situation. This is the reason why coupons get pulled etc.

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