Wednesday, November 24, 2010

FYI - Walgreens and Jingle Bucks

It is being posted on various forums on the web that there will more than likely be issues with the Jingle Bucks printing. Oh joy! Right? Grrr. It is looking like they are going to take rather long to print out (I read 2 minutes not sure if that is each or not). Also apparently if the cashier is not aware of this and rings up the next order the Jingle Bucks may get canceled.

Was really looking to get in and out quickly on Thursday but now I am not sure if that will happen. I am hopping they have all of the registers open and I also hope they are aware of this situation and have signs up so this way the other people in line are aware of what the hold up is.

Of course this so far is just hearsay and I hope that is all it is.

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